UNISA Change of Exam Venue: Find out NOW!

This morning I submitted my UNISA assignment, because it is due today and I have only just started doing the assignment this week.

***  Need to become more disciplined!  This is my future.  This is what I want to do.***

Personal Pep-talk over.

So, while I was on the UNISA website, I took a look at a couple of other things, namely:

  1. My academic records (they make me feel like I am getting somewhere)
  2. My exam dates, so that I can get some perspective and a cracker up my bum!

Interestingly enough, I noticed that my examination center or venue had changed.  Furthermore and strangely enough, I hadn’t changed it.  Should I say, I didn’t mean to change it!  But before jumping to conclusions I thought I’d phone them up and double-check the details in front of me.

Would you know that my examination center has been changed,  without me knowing about it.  To make things worse, the call-center staff advised that this is a new examination center, but none of the details (LIKE AN ADDRESS) has been loaded on their system.

Naturally I would be furious, if I only found out about this one the day of the exam.  But considering that the exams are in Oct/ Nov and we are only in August, I am fine.  Better yet, I think I may prefer the Heartfelt Area (close to the Voortrekker Monument) to the Pretoria  Show Grounds!



Where has the time gone?

So having a boyfriend has meant there has been quite a lot of changes in my life.  I find myself doing things very differently because time and the value of time has changed a lot:

  • My best friend has started complaining because I don’t blog or tweet enough now.  I should rather say she phones me to tell me she is disappointed in me, for not posting a blog post. 
  • Lack of time invested in completing assignments and studying!  I should mention that my boyfriend is completely committed to making sure I complete my assignments on time and in good form.  And he has advised me, that I will need to start a strict study schedule after the Easter weekend!
  • Time spend socialising with only my female friend.  We still visit.  We still speak on the phone – it just now feels different, it feels like I am neglecting them a bit.  I know it isn’t a case of me not knowing what is going on in their lives.
  • In the past I would lay on the couch feeling lazy, I know find myself getting home and being productive, doing the householdy things I would normally only do in the middle of the night because it has to get done.  (vacuuming in at 11pm, my poor neighbours!!)
  • I’m doing a lot less impulsive things, I now say things like:  “Let me just see what Kobus and I have planned for the day”
  • I plan!!!  We have a shared google calendar!  This makes planning so much easier!

I’m having so much fun!  I’m sure things will settle shortly, studying is a big concern at the moment, as Laura reminded me, exams start in just over a month.  I think for right now however I will just enjoy the long weekend that lies ahead!

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