I have let it slip a couple of times and well maybe the big letters on the wall was a dead giveaway that we have chosen a name for the littlest of them all.  However a formal introduction is always welcome.  So without further ado, I give to you the name (and the meaning) of the littlest of them all:

 A while ago I shared what the littlest one’s name would have been, had he been a girl.  It is strange how even years after I decided on names for Logan, I still think back with fondest memories, what his name would have been, had he been a girl.  Logan would have been Hannah Logan, had he been a girl and as much as I still love the names, I wouldn’t want to be told I named my kid after Hannah Montana, especially since I chose the name before the whole Hannah Montana craze!  3 Months after to be precise!

P.S.  Mackenzie was the name my best friend and I fought about for years for our little girls.  But considering how, I have boys and the meaning is so beautiful for a boy, K and I have fallen in love with it for our little boy.  He will probably hate us for it, but who cares – we all hate our parents for one or other thing, right?


Had she been a girl…

Her name would have been Anke

Anke Fenella to be precise and the above two pictures would have been frames and hung in her bird silhouette/ bird cage nursery.

However because she isn’t a she and we are all in the process of getting use to calling her, him, we won’t be having a bird silhouette nursery theme.  Instead we have been brain storming new ideas and playing around with new names.

Some of which I will share in the course of the next could of days :p

Spot the difference – the past 30 odd hours:


  1. Meet with the gynae and check on my healthy little girl
  2. Attend the much anticipated 4D scan with my husband
  3. Collect Primary school enrolment forms for Logan and submit these (either same day or the next day)
  4. Long lovely brunch with my darling husband
  5. Drive to Northgate Post Office to collect Kalahari parcel that as sent to the sender’s address instead of the delivery address.  (story for another day)
  6. Have a bit of a rest
  7. Fetch Logan from school and take him to the nurse who will be administering his immunizations (we are playing a bit of a catch up game)
  8. Lazy evening at home

Actual rely of the day’s events:

  1. Met with the gynae and checked on my healthy little girl, again confirmed as 99% girl (that is a 9% increase from the last visit)
  2. Proceeded to radiology room to view my baby girl in the 4D scan.  Unfortunately she was not up for showing herself, so once I rolled from side to side multiple times, hoping to catch a glimpse of what she will look like and only seeing the following, we decided to come back after lunch and try again.
  3. Collected the enrolment forms from the primary school, only to notice that what was not specified on their website, is now mandatory to be an unabridged birth certificates, when I have an abridged birth certificate for Logan (“It is like 10 thousand spoons when all you need is a knife…”)
  4. I little lunch with my darling husband and an inability to sit still.  Followed by a caffeine and sugar overdose in order to wake and energize a little baba into showing her face.
  5. A little drive around Pretoria to run a couple of other errands that we could fit in available time before the afternoon 4D scan is due.
  6. No rest.  4D scan.  At first we baba still seems uncooperative and unwilling to show her face.  Up until she opens her legs to show the genital area.  Instead of seeing the female baby’s genitals we are presented with male genitals (from a couple of different angles)  Undeniably we are having a boy and once we acknowledge he as a him, he decides to show us his face.  (Typical Man!)
  7. Fetched Logan from school and told him his will have another brother sibling instead of a sister.  He wasn’t too phased and really only wanted to know the amount of sleeps he will need to wait until his brother comes.  Nurse made me pay for the vaccination (holy moly they are pricey) and I will claim back from the medical aid. 
  8. Spent the evening at home thinking of boy names/ boy nursery themes and a little cry over the girl we thought we were having.

26 Weeks vs. 29 Weeks

When looking at best friend’s photos of her pregnant belly one can see a defining difference from the photo taken at 26 weeks and 28 weeks.  Naturally I have been holding my breath up until now – 29 Weeks in order to see whether this pattern will have the same effect with me.

I can report that there most certainly is a difference between 26 weeks and 29 weeks, however nothing too dramatic in my opinion:

I have to report being 29 weeks pregnant that I am relieved that I am this far, day-dreaming for the next 10 weeks to pass swiftly and petrified the baby comes too early!

I can say for certain that I am trusting the medical professionals that have been telling me my baby is a girl.  We’ve been shopping girl; deciding on a name girl and planned a girly nursery!  We’ve been speaking to a little girl and our boys are referring to the baby by name.

We’ve come a long way!

Tomorrow we are off to see the gynae and afterwards we will have a 4D scan.  I am positively thrilled!