It feels like home…

When it comes to my own content I am sure stealing and cheating can be deemed, okay!  So I have taken the content of my own blog, Lettice and Lu, that what is relevant and a part of my present.  Along with the content in my silly little adventure where I could call myself a pig** and combined  it, here,  in a new home.

Lettice Family is where I am comfortable writing about my day to day.  The drama and the suspense, that wins me awards (okay only blog awards), the excitement of new things and new experiences.  And the things I need to write about to keep me sain!

I deem you welcome, please make yourself home, in my new little home in the web :)

**  I have to add that one thing from my “silly little adventure” will most definitely stick and that is the term Beefmaster.  Not that I know how the Beefmaster/ Kobus will feel about it!  **

P.S.  It feels like home comes a long way with me and somehow it always seems to creep into whatever use I can find it (conscious or subconsciously).  Follow the link if you don’t believe me!


blog ramblings

I’m not sure what happened to my blog there for a moment, but I am glad to report that it is all is back up and running.

For a moment there I was however toying with the idea of starting from scratch, no archive, no nothing.  But then again, who am I kidding.  I love my archives, most of it anyway – maybe the way forward is registering my domain and self-hosting.

I want to.

I’m a bit scared of the unknown,

It is silly.  I should just take the plunge and do it.

Maybe not right now.  I will just finish my work and think of it again tomorrow?

Maybe I just need some input again.  Tell me where is the best place to go for hosting again?


Seven posts a week?

The past couple of years I have been very committed to blogging.  I have made it my mission in life to post a post every-single-day.  Or as close as I could manage.  These days, I battle. 

There is a lot going on at the moment.  There is a lot I could be writing about.  In the past I would be living an experience and while living it, I would be thinking of how this could translate to a good blog post.  This is no longer the case.  Maybe my mind it focussing on too many things and thus bumping the lease important thing off the list?  I don’t know!!

This morning for example, while attempting to apply/ should I say pretending to apply make-up, I thought of a clever little post.  While looking at myself in the rearview mirror (and noticing the *ghost staring back at me) I’d forgotten the post!

I am going to try to be good this month.  I am going to try to post a blog post per day!  Wish me luck!

Any ideas on how I can fit in 7 post per week?

* Yup I didn’t apply anything but a light base!