Yayness Beyond!

I accepted the job in Fourways and will become one of those commute to Joburg type ones.

I am not complaining.

I am super excited about the job!


… with a bit of faith and a lot of hope!

I like change.  I believe changes is good and very needed!  I am an advocate for change! 

The last couple of days has been a bit up and down at work.  Well, let’s be honest the past couple of months have been a bit up and down for me career wise.  Expectations met, plans falling through, colleagues moving on.  You name it and it has happened.

My boss mentioned that there would be some changes around the office and that these changes would affect certain people.  He briefly mentioned what the changes would entail and yet when the paw-paw hit the fan yesterday, I felt freaked out.  For the first time the “changes” were visible!  For the first time I was worried scared shitless and wondering whether I would have a job in 3 months time. 

Now that the changes have begun I’m not so sure it’s the way I want them to happen.  I have no control over the things happening and so it feels like I have no control over the outcome either.  I just feel like I need to know what my immediate future entails.  I feel like I need to know whether I need to panic or not!  And then I wonder whether what my employer says is the whole truth, specially when I don’t feel secure, I don’t feel safe!

I want change.  For now however it is a waiting game where I do what I can, with a bit of faith and a lot of hope!

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