things are happening:

Things are happening slightly faster than anticipated.  I wouldn’t call it a bad thing, maybe just a quick change of season:

I have been offered a position in Midrand.  The implication is that we will need to take Logan out of his current school and place him in a school closer to Kobus’ work.  Our intention was to put him in the primary school close to Kobus in 2012.

Things are happening a year early.

It was our intention to move to Pretoria East towards the end of next year, maybe even buy a property instead of renting.  Yet over the weekend our landlady advised that she wants to sell the property. 

Things are happening slightly quicker than planned.

I have been retrenched.  It has made me feel like a failure.  It has made me feel exceptionally uncertain of the future.  It has made me doubt my abilities.  The implication is that I am learning to trust in the unseen.  I am learning the meaning of faith and the act of it.

Things are happening.  Even when we don’t see it!

Kobus also sees the winds of change.  For him it is an exciting time filled with opportunity and local treasures waiting to be explored.  It is a time to reap the rewards!

Things are happening, excitement fills the air!

All in all, things are happening.  It may call for some discomfort.  It may call for a little bit of faith.  I am happy to announce a new season.  One I am excited about it, as it lays undefined in front of me.


Seven posts a week?

The past couple of years I have been very committed to blogging.  I have made it my mission in life to post a post every-single-day.  Or as close as I could manage.  These days, I battle. 

There is a lot going on at the moment.  There is a lot I could be writing about.  In the past I would be living an experience and while living it, I would be thinking of how this could translate to a good blog post.  This is no longer the case.  Maybe my mind it focussing on too many things and thus bumping the lease important thing off the list?  I don’t know!!

This morning for example, while attempting to apply/ should I say pretending to apply make-up, I thought of a clever little post.  While looking at myself in the rearview mirror (and noticing the *ghost staring back at me) I’d forgotten the post!

I am going to try to be good this month.  I am going to try to post a blog post per day!  Wish me luck!

Any ideas on how I can fit in 7 post per week?

* Yup I didn’t apply anything but a light base!