A non-baby-related post…

Impossible!  But maybe the bitching session is just what I need!

For some reason UNISA honestly thought closing their call centre will better the communication between them and the general public.  In the perfect world I can really see how this will work, however not even while dreaming at night, in my deepest darkest subconscience is the world perfect.

In the beginning of the year I registered for 3 subjects, shortly after the registration I found out I was pregnant – first trimester + commuting to Joburg on a daily basis = completely useless.  I realized very quickly that my enrollment was a mistake and looked at possible solutions:

Option 1:  Carry on in my lazy ways and fail all 3 modules and waste all monies spend (and not yet spent because I hadn’t purchased any textbooks/ software)

Option 2:  Request special permission to write the needed exams in the second semester, allowing me more time to prepare for the needed exams, by pro-actively working through the said modules.

Option 3:  Getting the above permission and worrying about the rest later – as long as I can sleep when my tried commuted ass arrives home and be miserable while coping with the lovely myth called morning sickness.

Wish I would say I did the sensible thing and chose option 2 instead of option 3, but lets be realistic!  To make a long story short (er), I was allowed to write my exams now (as in a couple of weeks time).  This was followed by a lovely letter from UNISA advising me that I will need to complete a minimum of 4 modules in this year, alternatively I will need to complete additional modules next year to continue my incompetence, lack of educational competence – who remembers wording?  Yet it boils down to doing some “extra work” to get you back on track because obviously you are stupid!

As you can imagine this had me, just a slightly pissed off, but Model A student that I am, I went and enrolled myself for 1 additional module.  Naturally all of this had to happen to me just as UNISA decided to improve disable all forms of communication will students by closing the call centre.

The result is as follow:

After months of communicating with UNISA – via sms and email (okay, okay – 1 sms and 1 email), my enrollment for the additional module was cancelled and my registration was reinstalled for the supplementary exams.

Because of my very pregnant current state and the fact that I am a bit worried about the 3 exams I will be writing in a little over a month, I will let the let the cancellation of the module go.  I am very forgiving and understanding in that way.  However (and I will probably need to go and find a person to scream at – in person) if the make me do the additional-I-am-stupid-modules, all hell will be lose!

P.S.  Now that I have that off my chest, I may return to my books and prepare (like the Model A student I am) for my 3 exams.  Wish me luck!

P.P.S.  Maybe just run to the loo for the millionth time to empty my bladder first.


Language Complications

Ever since I decided to communicate with Logan in English, I have found it very easy to have a conversation in Afrikaans and with the flick of a mental switch speak English to Logan. 

Things have become slightly more complicated since then.  First and foremost, I have an Afrikaans boyfriend with whom I speak English.  Then there is his son, to whom we speak Afrikaans.  Yes it makes for interesting moments, speaking to “the boys” and translating as we go! 

We also have three dogs!  Two Afrikaans dogs and One English dog.  Apart from the fact that Dixie, originally my dog doesn’t listen, she is more inclined to hear when spoken to in English.  The same goes for (originally) his two dogs! 

 At least I know that one day when Kobus and I have another little one, he will prefer raising *her* in English.  For the moment however, I want another girl-puppy, a brown Dachshund for me to call Chutney!  

And hopefully we will communicate with her in English too!

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