Meeting the Parents

The past week has been a bit of a blur for me.  So many things have happened, so little processing have been done and yet the brain feels too slow to register all the things that have happened:

The most prominent thing that happened was that I met my boyfriend’s parents!

 We drove to Klerksdorp on Saturday afternoon, arrived there at around 19:00, surprisingly enough I wasn’t too nervous, just extremely formal.  I shook the Oom and Tannie’s hands and later asked Kobus whether I should have “soengroet” them.  His reply was, “no that was fine but you will have to kiss them goodbye though.”  

Dinner was served in the kitchen.  Kobus was very quiet, to the point where he had me nervous for a moment.  His explanation was that he was reading the atmosphere!  Thankfully Logan warmed up to the new environment quite quickly.  He also ate his supper and said thank you very politely!  I was impressed with my little boy, that was of course until he had a bit of a toilet emergency and stood on their white couches IN THE FORMAL LOUNGE!  I appreciated that Kobus was keenly aware of how I felt.  I gave him “the look” when Logan did the odd thing out-of-place and he saved the day for me.  

Sunday morning was another event that had me a little nervous.  Kobus’s dad is a preacher in a church where the men wear suits and the ladies wear hats dresses and heals and no shoulders are allowed to show and and and.  It is also a church were people are frowned upon if their kids make a noise or don’t sit still.  Once again, I survived, Kobus survived and the boys came out of it alive (i.e. they were manageable).   The afternoon consisted of photographs of Kobus as a child, playing cricket with the boys, having a braai. 

Sunday evening two little boys were on Kobus’s parents bed, rolling around watching…  DJ Ossewa!  DJ Ossewa is a four-man band consisting of (according to some) highly intelligent Afrikaans Dutchmen, acting like common Dutchmen, while many more Dutchmen find them funny!  It’s the type of thing I have been trying to keep Logan away from.  The type of thing he has now fallen in love with.  Kobus’s mom mentioned that when you watch it, it tends to grow on you!  We will have to see about that :)

In the mornings WD had his place set out at the table.  In the mornings Logan had a similar place set out.  Kobus’s mom baked chocolate muffins with the boys!  His dad gave Logan a copy of DJ Ossewa, because WD has one.  They were treated as equals!  WD was happy to share his grandparents with Logan.  Logan was completely comfortable.  

As we drove home on Monday afternoon, I felt calm.  I didn’t feel like I know them, but I felt calm knowing I would get to know them.  I still don’t really know how much they know of me, they have asked me a couple of questions.  I have the feeling they can see how Kobus and I interact, I have a feeling they are willing to accept me for who I am, because we make each other happy.


Enjoying Real Life

Living and enjoying-enjoying real life is something I haven’t experienced in a long time.  It is something so addictive, intoxicating and it is becoming a way of life!  Here are some of the high-lights when it comes to my new favourite adult male person:

  • Kobus has a little boy who just turned 5 years old!
  • He has a male suitor (Dachshund) perfect for my Dixie – he’s dogs (x2) are gorgeous, and the male (Diesel) has the most beautiful character and mannerisms.
  • He says things like we need to take “the boys” fishing, camping, swimming etc…
  • He can hear what Logan says and relates to him on his level
  • When speaking to Logan he uses words like “Boy” and it sounds completely natural
  • He took my son (and I) out for an ice cream on Sunday afternoon, saying that he it is routine Logan will need to get use to for when his son visits him.
  • He then made him a coke float with the left over ice-cream!
  • He told his parents and sister about me before meeting me.  He then showed them my picture after meeting me once.  And he wants to drive me to Klerksdorp to meet the parents (as soon as I am comfortable)
  • He lies on the grass looking at the clouds (going on stars) with me
  • Makes me lots of coffee and is just as addicted to the stuff as I am
  • Jaco –>>  Jacobus –>> Kobus
  • It feels like I have known him for years
  • He remembers the small detail about our conversations
  • He’s touch is soft, he has a gentle soul.  A sincere kindness about him
  • Kobus looks into my eyes, he is mesmerized by my lips.
  • He speaks with his eyes, without saying a word
  • In so many ways he is my opposite