It is a boy thing…

I guess every house have their positives and negative, at least until you are able to build a house from the ground to include everything you would want, in the size you want it to be.

The townhouse we currently occupy is lovely and the pros outweigh the cons by far.  The one little thing I would have like, was for the boys’ bedroom to be bigger.  Their bedroom is slightly bigger than Oli’s nursery, but we are talking millimeters.  This means along with the make-over we will be doing in their room, I have been looking at ways of maximizing the space we have:

(I feel horrible for not having the source of the above image.  All apologies to the owner)

  • While we were living in the house of many colours, Kobus and I made the boys toy boxed on wheels – big enough to hold their toys, small enough to fit underneath their beds.
  • Their bunk beds along with the toy boxes needs a coat of paint.
  • I found inspiration for floating shelved and light fixtures for the bottom and top bunk from the above image.  Such a lovely idea and so practical for middle of the night trips to the toilet.
  • Medium grey wall
  • And in white /  cream / stone – a couple of shades lighter than the wall paint, dinosaur skeleton, similar feel of the below images.
I am still braining storming other things that fit in with the dino-skeleton theme.  Any input is very welcome.  I have thought of, but in ways doubting my abilities to paper mache a dino-head trophy or two.  Sounds like fun and if it is a stuff-up, all we do is try again (or give up).  Either way I have nothing to lose!
Oh, the excitement!
P.S.  I want an overhead projector.  It is on my Christmas / Birthday / give me a present – wish-list.  Any sponsors are welcome!  Pop me a mail if you have one laying around?

The Nursery

We have had so much fun with Oliver’s Nursery.  Bless my husband, he worked so hard!  I remember the first day we started clearly, he asked:  “So where do you want the stripes” as if there would only be a stripe of two… I have to say he has a sense of humour and perseverance to match my ever ideal!

At first the idea was to paint white stripes over the already beige walls, in a sort of minimalistic way.  The beige stripe weren’t potent enough to my liking and the room felt heavy and warm.  Luckily my husband felt the need to repaint the beige and we very quickly decided to try an alternative colour!

The theme is Vintage Mickey, inspiration was found here, I love this nursery!  I adore this man’s talent and I wish I had his vision and 3 months in which to complete something similar.  To view more of the images, follow the link to Joey Ellis’ flickr album.

I do however think what K and I managed to accomplish with our little one’s nursery is awesome and I love it.

The nursery is *almost* complete, apart from a couple of imagines I would like to frame and hang on the walls.  I really should get a move on with them, however I see things – these kind of things like a work in progress, so I will take my time!

The next project is the boys’ bedroom.  The whole while planning the nursery, I have been thinking of themes and way in which to create something magical for 2 very different boys.  Something they can feel inspired by and grow into.  Something that captures something of both their personalities in some way.  I am so happy to say I have found this theme.  I will however keep it for myself for the moment!

Project a month: January

This morning I sat down and opened my reader like I do most morning only to stare at this post from Nicole author of Making it Lovely.  It is a recap of all the DIY/ Decor things she did in her home in 2010 and because it is January I felt like I could at least attempt to do a couple of little things around my home in this year. 

January Project: 

My Kitchen window (and I will post a before photo).  The kitchen basin faces the window, we have been in the house for a month and we still need blinds/ curtains.  Funnily it doesn’t bother me as I would rather wait a bit and do what I want than just buy something to close a window.  So first on the list is to cover the windows and I have seen roller shade, that covers the window and allows light to fill the space.  I like this, a lot!

Secondly, I think we can add some fine touches.  The soap bottle in the photo below, is a great example. 

Kitchen Sink

So the plan is changes, improvement.  Really the little things that do not require a lot of money.  Only a little effort!

Before and after to follow!