Sundays are fast becoming my favourite day of the week.  For the past couple of weeks, we have started making a point of having some sort of family outing on the day.

Yesterday we had a little outing to Safari Nursery..  The week before the boy’s had a swim at Zita Park.

Logan - Adventure Junkie wanting more and faster..

WD going safe and steady (which makes for lovely in focus pictures)

The Littlest of the all with his hat

Making a point of taking more pictures together.

Before that we had an outing to Irene Dairy Farm and if my mind serves me well the Sunday before that we spent leisurely strolling through the Unica Market.



Escaping the hustle of the city…

On Saturday Kobus treated some goat, sheep and cattle.  While we were on the plot just outside of the hustle of the city, Logan and I spotted 3 goslings behind the mommy.  With the help of one of the guys on the plot I was given a gosling to hold.  The idea of course was for Logan to hold the gosling, but after a proper display of hissing by the parents, I think any kid would have been petrified. 

Yesterday we traded the hustle of the city yet again,  this time  for the stillness of the fishing waters.  For some reason we didn’t have any luck with the fish, except for “stick-fish” Logan managed to catch.  Here is Kobus and Lu, behind the fishing rod:

If anyone had told me this would be my life a year ago, I would not have believed them.  Cap on my head and trainers on my feet I sat next to the dam.  I may still complain about being woken up at 5AM and the smell of the fish, but I am so grateful that I get to experience the outdoors.  I am so grateful that family outings are filled with adventure.  I am so grateful that my boy is learning things first hand what it means to be a boy!

fishing with Snake-balls

Logan has been all excitement since hearing about the fishing ventures planned for today. The most exciting part of all has been what he calls the snake-balls! Otherwise known (to the rest of mankind) as earthworms!

When buying the “snake-worms” I tried to explained to my son exactly what bait implies! I should have known however that he wouldn’t be too phased about minor detail! Logan found knowing how one would call the earthworm from the ground to be vitally important!

Sitting next to the waters, fishing rod in hand, Kobus tried to teach Logan how to put the worm on the hook! I only wanted a photo of Logan and the snake-balls.

Logan on the other hand decided holding the worm is not in his cards.* And that if Kobus wants him to fish with a worm, he will need to hook it on the line (while calling the worm from the ground) and if Mom wants a photo with the snake-ball, she is going to be the one holding the worm! (That is the story of how I came to hold the worm)

* I have absolutely no idea who will be holding the fish he is about to catch at any moment!

P.S. Hope the photo is posted the right way around, after all I am posting from what they call a smart phone :p

Of horses and cows…



The above photo was taken over the weekend.  We were on our way to Irene Dairy Farm for some time with the cows and much-needed breakfast!   A quick morning out, ended four hours later after I allowed a week old calf to suck my middle finger!  (Very good for producing saliva – which is very important)  In the past I would never have done something of the sort, cows have teeth, which means they can bite!  But with my lovely boyfriend close by, it was a different story! 

The boyfriend wants us to go and horse back riding the weekend!  First I need to find out how many kilos a horse can carry?  Any idea?

P.S.  I have charged my camera’s battery last night, hopefully soon I will start taking better quality photos!