Project a month: January

This morning I sat down and opened my reader like I do most morning only to stare at this post from Nicole author of Making it Lovely.  It is a recap of all the DIY/ Decor things she did in her home in 2010 and because it is January I felt like I could at least attempt to do a couple of little things around my home in this year. 

January Project: 

My Kitchen window (and I will post a before photo).  The kitchen basin faces the window, we have been in the house for a month and we still need blinds/ curtains.  Funnily it doesn’t bother me as I would rather wait a bit and do what I want than just buy something to close a window.  So first on the list is to cover the windows and I have seen roller shade, that covers the window and allows light to fill the space.  I like this, a lot!

Secondly, I think we can add some fine touches.  The soap bottle in the photo below, is a great example. 

Kitchen Sink

So the plan is changes, improvement.  Really the little things that do not require a lot of money.  Only a little effort!

Before and after to follow!


2010/ Goals/ To-Do Lists/ Small Steps/ 2011

I love this time of the year when it comes to blogging!  I love to seeing the reviews of the past year and I love seeing the ambitious plans for following year.  A couple of the ideas I found that I absolutely adored are the following:

2010 Review:

Wenchy’s end year Quiz is always a favourite.  And seeing them all over the blogosphere is entertaining as always!

I feel inspired by Leigh-Ann’s post, I feel like there is hope to mend my relationship with my dad.

My favourite review post for 2010 was Christine Meintjes’s “the year 2010“, I absolute love the feel of it!  Even though I am not a photographer I will certainly look at doing something similar at the end of the 2011.


Resolutions/ Goals/ To-Do Lists/ Small Steps for 2011

I Love Jenty’s No resolutions, Only Goals Theory.  And I adore the focus on learning something new!

“… not resolutions.  I don’t do resolutions, they’re made to be broken.  As I said last year, and the year before on this blog, I only have one resolution… to do something new.”

 Pink Hair Girl posted 60 Tip for an Exceptional Life.  I found them exceptional, practical and very doable.

Hayley’s Small Steps and Basics – Enough said! 

Twisty Girl also posted a To Do List, what I liked about her list was that she included the fun things life is and should be about.  Because of her, I have included these things in my list!


Last year I made many resolutions apart from my to-do list.  If I were to access them critically, I would have been a complete failure.  The fact remains, I succeeded in 1 thing I set out to do.  I stopped smoking and I haven’t had a cigarette in a whole year and four days.  This is impressive and I will celebrate it!  This year my resolution is to become healthy.  My to do list will include a lot of other things and some of the above will be included.  Last year proved that to do list works for me, I managed 8 out of 13 of my objectives and *a whole bunch I didn’t plan for*.  This year I strive to do better!

A whole bunch I didn’t plan for:  

  1. Found
  2. Met
  3. And realized Kobus is my soul mate
  4. Met his son
  5. Met his parents
  6. Had my son choose Kobus over me
  7. Moved my Boyfriend into my house and learn to be PATIENT and RESPONSIBLE (well a little at least)
  8. Experienced a Mother’s day
  9. Planned and executed a Father’s day
  10. Had him meet my mother (and didn’t blog about it)
  11. Watched a live rugby match
  12. Failed an exam
  13. Changed my Major
  14. Got Engaged
  15. Spent an amazing Christmas and New Year with the man I love!

Happy 2011, I hope this year is a blessed year filled with everything you set out for yourself!

At the moment I am …

This morning while reading Blackhuff’s post about the pursuit of dreams, I found myself inspired by an experience I had in last week.  Yet instead of posting a comment, I decided I would post a blog post instead:
I recently had an interview with a recruitment consultant who gave me a fantastic answer for the ” Where do you see yourself in 5 year?” question.  Yet instead of just giving me an answer, she manage to inspire me:
At the moment I am looking for a secure place…
This was all she needed to say!  She started her answer by roping me in to the present, to the start of a five year goal, to the moment that really matters – the present.  Then she made her answer pro-active, by answering “I AM” …
So my question is:  What are you doing today in order to reach the goal and or dream you have in your heart?