Patience and Bezert

We have been going to the gym for 5 weeks.  I will admit the following:

  • I am a hell of a lot stronger (physically) than I thought I am
  • I have become a hell of a lot stronger over the past 5 weeks
  • Cardio isn’t that bad.  Specially when you are becoming more fit by the day
  • I am impatient as hell

Yes I can feel that I am loosing a couple (two) centimeters.  And I do realize thatthings do not happen overnight, but come on I am an INSTANT Gratification kind of girl and this is taking way too long!

Luckily Kobus likes going to the gym.  Likes as in this is a hobby for him, he enjoys this like I enjoy reading a book or scrap-booking.  It’s a bit weird.  Unnatural if you ask me, but then  again I am not complaining, because hopefully in 5 months from now I will see a difference!

Now for the things I need to be implementing, since I have sort of gotten use to going to the gym:

  • Water… water, water, water, water,water.  Need to drink more water, lots more water.
  • Smaller portions.  I think I will need to borrow my colleague’s Weigh-less book and become familiar with better portion control.
  • Cutting out bezert (Logan translation for Dessert).

Who am I kidding?  I love bezert.  Maybe just a better kind of bezert?  Sharing my bezert, instead?  Eating bezert instead of food.

I am sure I will figure it out somewhere along the lines…

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10 things I have learnt the weekend…

This is a first time, 10 things I have learnt post for me.  I’m sure it won’t be the last!  Happy Monday everyone!

  • DVDs and weekends definitely go hand in hand.
  • We should make more time for being lazy over weekends – the dvd/ book reading kind of laziness.
  • I love the colour of cinnamon, I love the smell of cinnamon, I love the rusticness of cinnamon.
  • There is a flower called a wax flower.  Who knew?
  • I don’t think I will be able to work with a gay man as my wedding coordinator.  Especially the one we saw at a venue on Saturday afternoon.  He was in a good mood at the time, yet I could see the change in mood and I could sense the absolute nightmare he could become.
  • I love watching WD (Kobus’ son), he is growing and becoming more confident every time we see him.  It is wonderful to be apart of his life and to see these positive changes.
  • Logan is a surprisingly good when it comes to remembering to feed his fish.  Logan has three koi fish – Smoky Joe; Mia and Sylvester. (Kobus named Mia and Sylvester)
  • Taking the kids to the Bester Bird Park was a fantastic idea!
  • I forgot my Dixie-dog’s birthday on Saturday.  I only remembered on Sunday and felt a bit bad for forgetting.
  • Going to the gym early on a Sunday morning is refreshing and we should do it more often!

What were you up to the weekend?

Brick; Fail and a Full Six Weeks:


  • A brick fell on Logan’s finger yesterday at school.  Kobus and I though, a brick fell on his finger and not a brick fell on his finger and cracked the nail-bed.  He still managed to throw a tantrum; refused to eat his vegetables and demand to watch a dvd.  I think he will survive.  (I just don’t want to see the finger)
  • I finally managed to register for my one UNISA subject and I also received my UNISA results from last semester.  One distinction, one pass and one supplementary exam.  NOT ideal, luckily I don’t have to redo the module in its totality :( 
  • I think this may be fate or something trying to keep me in the rhythm of studying.
  • I am however an Informatics Student and not an Industrial Psychology student.
  • I have a secret to share.  I need to wait a bit longer – should I say I have one thing to do before I can share the good news ;)
  • Kobus and I still going to the gym.  He says we are starting slowly and some days I think it may be slowish, other days I’m not sure what it will feel like when he starts pushing me.  We have been going for a week and a half, I’m sure things will get easier as soon as I have experienced the full two-week cycle of our gym routine. 
  • Did I mention that I have a gym routine? 
  • Eating healthy is fun, well-balanced is fine yet the sweet tooth never sleeps!!  
  • We had such a lovely weekend.  I wish I could rewind and have it all over.
  • My best friend and I are planning to start a business. Soon.  More on this soon :)
  • Today it is officially six weeks until my birthday and for the first time in years I am looking forward to this day!

"We will discuss it on the treadmill"

About two weeks ago I mentioned a.) going to the gym and b.) weigh-less.  Thank you to everyone’s wonderful feedback saying – “only do what you will manage to stick with”.  The good news is – I followed your advise and did not join Weigh-less, honestly who wants to weigh their food?  I’d much rather drink fat-burners / herbal remedies and eat what my boyfriend gives me to eat!

Last night was my first gym session, according to my gym-instructor, aka Kobus, we will take things slow for the first two weeks and after that he will start pushing me.  Every now and then Kobus would say something like “well done” and “I am so proud of you“.  And it feels good – even though I don’t particularly thing I am doing all that well – lets talk in 6 months time when I still gym full-time and then I will say “I am doing well“.

In other very important news (and also the topic of discussion on the treadmill).  I am thinking of changing my major:  I am currently studying BCom Industrial Psychology, I am thinking of changing to BCom Informatics.  Something I have been thinking of for a while, but only started researching yesterday when coming across a similar degree while playing on Linkedin.

There is a catch however:

  • I was planning on focusing on finances and “skipping” this semester.
  • The last year to register for Informatics is 2010,
  • which means the course will either be discontinued or be changed  –> I do however need to try to find out which of the two it is.
  • So I emailed a friend of a relative, hoping to get some answers
  • did I mention I wanted to focus on finances this semester and only study again in 2011?

Thankfully if worst comes to worse, I will change my major and only take one subject.  Which wouldn’t be too bad.

We are exercising the chest tonight – I will report on that tomorrow!  Wish me luck!