Brick; Fail and a Full Six Weeks:


  • A brick fell on Logan’s finger yesterday at school.  Kobus and I though, a brick fell on his finger and not a brick fell on his finger and cracked the nail-bed.  He still managed to throw a tantrum; refused to eat his vegetables and demand to watch a dvd.  I think he will survive.  (I just don’t want to see the finger)
  • I finally managed to register for my one UNISA subject and I also received my UNISA results from last semester.  One distinction, one pass and one supplementary exam.  NOT ideal, luckily I don’t have to redo the module in its totality :( 
  • I think this may be fate or something trying to keep me in the rhythm of studying.
  • I am however an Informatics Student and not an Industrial Psychology student.
  • I have a secret to share.  I need to wait a bit longer – should I say I have one thing to do before I can share the good news ;)
  • Kobus and I still going to the gym.  He says we are starting slowly and some days I think it may be slowish, other days I’m not sure what it will feel like when he starts pushing me.  We have been going for a week and a half, I’m sure things will get easier as soon as I have experienced the full two-week cycle of our gym routine. 
  • Did I mention that I have a gym routine? 
  • Eating healthy is fun, well-balanced is fine yet the sweet tooth never sleeps!!  
  • We had such a lovely weekend.  I wish I could rewind and have it all over.
  • My best friend and I are planning to start a business. Soon.  More on this soon :)
  • Today it is officially six weeks until my birthday and for the first time in years I am looking forward to this day!

"We will discuss it on the treadmill"

About two weeks ago I mentioned a.) going to the gym and b.) weigh-less.  Thank you to everyone’s wonderful feedback saying – “only do what you will manage to stick with”.  The good news is – I followed your advise and did not join Weigh-less, honestly who wants to weigh their food?  I’d much rather drink fat-burners / herbal remedies and eat what my boyfriend gives me to eat!

Last night was my first gym session, according to my gym-instructor, aka Kobus, we will take things slow for the first two weeks and after that he will start pushing me.  Every now and then Kobus would say something like “well done” and “I am so proud of you“.  And it feels good – even though I don’t particularly thing I am doing all that well – lets talk in 6 months time when I still gym full-time and then I will say “I am doing well“.

In other very important news (and also the topic of discussion on the treadmill).  I am thinking of changing my major:  I am currently studying BCom Industrial Psychology, I am thinking of changing to BCom Informatics.  Something I have been thinking of for a while, but only started researching yesterday when coming across a similar degree while playing on Linkedin.

There is a catch however:

  • I was planning on focusing on finances and “skipping” this semester.
  • The last year to register for Informatics is 2010,
  • which means the course will either be discontinued or be changed  –> I do however need to try to find out which of the two it is.
  • So I emailed a friend of a relative, hoping to get some answers
  • did I mention I wanted to focus on finances this semester and only study again in 2011?

Thankfully if worst comes to worse, I will change my major and only take one subject.  Which wouldn’t be too bad.

We are exercising the chest tonight – I will report on that tomorrow!  Wish me luck!

"What have I got to lose?"


Mr. Ping: The secret ingredient is… nothing!
Po: Huh?
Mr. Ping: You heard me. Nothing! There is no secret ingredient.
Po: Wait, wait… it’s just plain old noodle soup? You don’t add some kind of special sauce or something?
Mr. Ping: Don’t have to. To make something special you just have to believe it’s special.
[Po looks at the scroll again, and sees his reflection in it]
Po: There is no secret ingredient…


 I know every couple of months I decide I need to lose weight, every couple of month I also fail to lose the weight and I go back to my unhealthy and undisciplined lifestyle.  Every time I say this time is different and that this time it will actually happen.  So all I will say this time is:  What have I got to lose?

What I will say however and this has been an amazing motivating factor is that I have a boyfriend that love me “just as I am”.  Yet he fully understand that I don’t like me “just as I am”.  Not only is he willing to walk the walk, every step of the way with me, he honestly believes I can do it.  This shocked me a bit because I don’t know if I can do this.  I don’t know how to do this long-term!   

It is almost as if he is the special ingredient to my noodle soup, he believes something special!

As soon as I have been paid I will make some changes:

First of all I will join Weigh-less along with my best friend, where I will learn some healthy habits and hopefully I will have a half pint Irish granny like Shebee, whom I will be scared of.  And secondly I will join and go to gym with my one and only.

I won’t say I am excited.  I won’t say this is going to work.  I will say I will give it a go.  I will say I will make an effort.  I will say I am doing this for my own benefit. 

I will say:  “What have I got to lose?”    

(credit – Quote, Picture of Mr Ping and Picture of Po)