Escaping the hustle of the city…

On Saturday Kobus treated some goat, sheep and cattle.  While we were on the plot just outside of the hustle of the city, Logan and I spotted 3 goslings behind the mommy.  With the help of one of the guys on the plot I was given a gosling to hold.  The idea of course was for Logan to hold the gosling, but after a proper display of hissing by the parents, I think any kid would have been petrified. 

Yesterday we traded the hustle of the city yet again,  this time  for the stillness of the fishing waters.  For some reason we didn’t have any luck with the fish, except for “stick-fish” Logan managed to catch.  Here is Kobus and Lu, behind the fishing rod:

If anyone had told me this would be my life a year ago, I would not have believed them.  Cap on my head and trainers on my feet I sat next to the dam.  I may still complain about being woken up at 5AM and the smell of the fish, but I am so grateful that I get to experience the outdoors.  I am so grateful that family outings are filled with adventure.  I am so grateful that my boy is learning things first hand what it means to be a boy!


fishing with Snake-balls

Logan has been all excitement since hearing about the fishing ventures planned for today. The most exciting part of all has been what he calls the snake-balls! Otherwise known (to the rest of mankind) as earthworms!

When buying the “snake-worms” I tried to explained to my son exactly what bait implies! I should have known however that he wouldn’t be too phased about minor detail! Logan found knowing how one would call the earthworm from the ground to be vitally important!

Sitting next to the waters, fishing rod in hand, Kobus tried to teach Logan how to put the worm on the hook! I only wanted a photo of Logan and the snake-balls.

Logan on the other hand decided holding the worm is not in his cards.* And that if Kobus wants him to fish with a worm, he will need to hook it on the line (while calling the worm from the ground) and if Mom wants a photo with the snake-ball, she is going to be the one holding the worm! (That is the story of how I came to hold the worm)

* I have absolutely no idea who will be holding the fish he is about to catch at any moment!

P.S. Hope the photo is posted the right way around, after all I am posting from what they call a smart phone :p

Ups and Downs

It has been an uncomfortable couple of weeks.  All I want is for things to settle in a normal pattern of certainty and yet it seems we have made a decision to play for time and hope for a better kind certainty!

I can honestly say that I have an amazing man on my side, a man that will stand next to my side through thick and thin.  A man who stands behind my 100%.  A man who rubs my back and tells me everything is going to be alright!

Kobus and Lu

Althought some moments I find myself losing hope, most of the time I really believe him!

the way a Birthdays should be celebrated!

Before writing the horribly sarcastic tweet yesterday afternoon, which happens to form the base of my password related post of yesterday (relating to my current employment or lack thereof), I was planning on writing about the superb weekend I had:

Tuesday was my birthday, which in turn points to the fact that Kobus did every single little (and big) thing to make this the most memorable birthday I have ever had.  And he succeeded!

On Sunday he arranged with my two best friends to take me out for breakfast.  While I was gossiping away, Kobus and Best-friend’s husband made salads and set up for a surprise birthday braai.  The afternoon was spent sipping wine, playing 30 seconds, munching away on delicious food.  Generally we were enjoying and celebrating friendships, relationships and my birthday.

Kobus and I planned to view a couple of wedding venues on the Monday and Tuesday, but Kobus couldn’t take leave in the end.  This would be a horrible-horrible reason to cancel my leave, so instead I non-rested and painted the streets red while shopping, browsing and brain-storming.

The morning of my birthday I was woken up by Kobus and Logan singing happy birthday.  Logan was super excited to give me my presents (which he managed to keep a secret from me for the first time in his little life).  Kobus had helped Logan by dotting the lines where Logan needed to write his wishes to me.  I haven’t been a very sentimental person in the past couple of years but I am definitely going back to my routs!!

Because I was alone during the day, Kobus arranged for me to do my nails right after the hair appointment I had previously scheduled.  I had lunch with a friend and a slight twist in events landed me having an interview on my birthday!  Sadly my interviewee didn’t even notice and did not point it out! :p    ‘

The evening was an adults only evening and a dinner reservation was made at Pachas Restaurant!


Over the weekend Kobus and I watched a film called “The Rebound”.  The plot of the story is something along the following lines:

Husband has an affair.   Wife files for a divorce and moves herself and the two kids to the city.  She finds a job, gets her life back on track and then her best friend advises that she now needs a rebound relationship.  Date means finding a nanny and luckily the cute boy from the coffee shop below her flat mentioned that he is a babysitter.  Very typical from these kind of films is that Mom falls in love with the boy nanny who is almost half her age.  She fights the urge to call it a relationship.  She gives up and call it a relationship.  Twist in the story and she breaks up with him because he is too young and according to her, things can never work because she is holding him back from his dreams.

This is pretty much where Kobus and I had a little difference in opinion about men and woman.  He felt that Mom was being unfair and not giving the relationship a chance.  I understood where she was coming from, I honestly think there is a big difference between a female dating a man much younger (we are talking 15 years younger) with kids on her side, no kids on his.  And a man dating a woman fifteen years younger, with or without kids.

So, what is your opinion?

**  Naturally as with all films of this kind.  Boy and Girl did meet again.  This film had a slight twist, I really liked the twist.  I think it is a lovely light film, perfect if your man is a Catherine ZetaJones fan.


The Villain and reality

I use to hold on, fight with everything I had, because I had to.  Because it was Logan and I against the rest of the world, even thought I had very many people on my side.  Since those days, not so long ago, I have found someone even more driven to fight for Logan and I.  I have found someone who was willing to do the things I was too tired to do.  I found someone who went out of his way to make my life a little easier and lot more special.  I have found someone who I learnt to trust and depend upon with all my heart.

Basically like the fairytale makes us believe, I had found my happily ever after.

What I knew yet someone managed to misplace somewhere in a file, filed away in the archives of my mind, is that life is still life.  My fairytale will always be a fairytale of love and happiness and fulfillment.  But life is not the perfect place where the villain is defeated  for the rest of eternity.  Every single day, we seem to fight a battle of some sort.  And I know some days, it really isn’t all that bad.  But the past couple of weeks has been like that.  Many times, I pushed through without too many frustrations, just going through the motions.  Other days and this week for some reason I am in a bit of a pit where I feel very sorry for myself.  Where I feel like my life will never get any better.

I need to stop this wallow of self-pity now, before it goes any further.  I need to remind myself:

  • I am loved, not only by Kobus, but by many people.
  • I have found an amazing, nurturing and patient kind of love in Kobus
  • My little monster is an intelligent little boy, who comes up with the cutest things on a daily basis.
  • He is happy in his new school, he is happy in our family.
  • He is confident and brave.
  • We are all healthy
  • Apart from me, who is too healthy, but I’m still going to the gym.  I am loosing weight and I am finding myself.
  • And while I am at that I am learning patience.
  • And it seems like I am learning a bit discipline as well, although I may need to learn to apply this in different areas of my life.
  • Although it feels like I am in the slow lane career-wise, I am going somewhere
  • I have the means to study.  I am studying (discipline thing again).  I need to be studying harder.  I need to keep my focus.
  • Financially I am getting ahead.  (Acknowledging this and making a commitment to follow through a bit stronger)
  • Life is all about maintenance and upkeep, things break.  Things need replacing.  It is life and I need to start accepting this.

It really does seem like the villain might be my mind and the things I chose to believe!   Happy Wednesday everyone!

10 things I have learnt the weekend…

This is a first time, 10 things I have learnt post for me.  I’m sure it won’t be the last!  Happy Monday everyone!

  • DVDs and weekends definitely go hand in hand.
  • We should make more time for being lazy over weekends – the dvd/ book reading kind of laziness.
  • I love the colour of cinnamon, I love the smell of cinnamon, I love the rusticness of cinnamon.
  • There is a flower called a wax flower.  Who knew?
  • I don’t think I will be able to work with a gay man as my wedding coordinator.  Especially the one we saw at a venue on Saturday afternoon.  He was in a good mood at the time, yet I could see the change in mood and I could sense the absolute nightmare he could become.
  • I love watching WD (Kobus’ son), he is growing and becoming more confident every time we see him.  It is wonderful to be apart of his life and to see these positive changes.
  • Logan is a surprisingly good when it comes to remembering to feed his fish.  Logan has three koi fish – Smoky Joe; Mia and Sylvester. (Kobus named Mia and Sylvester)
  • Taking the kids to the Bester Bird Park was a fantastic idea!
  • I forgot my Dixie-dog’s birthday on Saturday.  I only remembered on Sunday and felt a bit bad for forgetting.
  • Going to the gym early on a Sunday morning is refreshing and we should do it more often!

What were you up to the weekend?