The adventures of a five year old and his bicyskil..

I have to admit that I was ever so slightly worried that my son (at age five) couldn’t ride a bicycle yet.  I was fully aware of the fact that this fears stemmed from the fact that I only learnt to ride a bicycle at tender old age of 12 and that Logan is nothing like his mom.   He is pure adventure junkie.  (Give us strength for when he is older)

About 3 weeks ago when WD came to visit with his bicycle, the pair of them decided to ride down the hill.  I must admit that my nerves were tested a bit – apart from the obvious fact that Logan didn’t know how to ride a bike or use brakes, his brakes were really tight which made it completely impossible for him to use.  Thankfully with a pair of crocs on his feet (RIP dear crocs), he manage to stop quite well!

By the Tuesday after school he was ready to try and place his feet on the peddles and give riding a proper go.  With everything inside of me, I was rooting for him to succeed and when he finally manage to place his feet on the peddle my heart swelled with pride.  His face was absolutely priceless and victory was sweet!

Ever since that moment, my son and his bicyskil (as he would pronounce it) has been inseparable!  Let the adventures begin!



Mr. Swart legally and otherwise..

  When I started this post, the idea really was to tell you about our little trip to Home Affairs due to the fact that I now need an unabridged birth certificate to enroll my kid in school.  An unabridged birth certificate that will take 3 months to be processed.  An unabridged certificate that will only be attached once I have it, to the application that I will submit on Monday by the latest!

Now that I have it off my chest, I can tell you how our trip to Home Affairs was pretty productive since I managed to have Logan’s surname changed from Thompson to Swart.  Or at least gotten the ball (that will take approximately 6 months) on the roll!

It was easier than I imagined it would be!  It it took was a little letter explaining that the father of my child (that was born out of wedlock) had disappeared, along with the empty promise of marrying me.  And a second letter from Kobus saying that he has no objections to Logan being called by his surname, because we are married.

So in a couple of months when you ask Logan “What is your surname?” and he answers “Mr. Swart” it will be legally and otherwise true!

Patience and Bezert

We have been going to the gym for 5 weeks.  I will admit the following:

  • I am a hell of a lot stronger (physically) than I thought I am
  • I have become a hell of a lot stronger over the past 5 weeks
  • Cardio isn’t that bad.  Specially when you are becoming more fit by the day
  • I am impatient as hell

Yes I can feel that I am loosing a couple (two) centimeters.  And I do realize thatthings do not happen overnight, but come on I am an INSTANT Gratification kind of girl and this is taking way too long!

Luckily Kobus likes going to the gym.  Likes as in this is a hobby for him, he enjoys this like I enjoy reading a book or scrap-booking.  It’s a bit weird.  Unnatural if you ask me, but then  again I am not complaining, because hopefully in 5 months from now I will see a difference!

Now for the things I need to be implementing, since I have sort of gotten use to going to the gym:

  • Water… water, water, water, water,water.  Need to drink more water, lots more water.
  • Smaller portions.  I think I will need to borrow my colleague’s Weigh-less book and become familiar with better portion control.
  • Cutting out bezert (Logan translation for Dessert).

Who am I kidding?  I love bezert.  Maybe just a better kind of bezert?  Sharing my bezert, instead?  Eating bezert instead of food.

I am sure I will figure it out somewhere along the lines…

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