Sundays are fast becoming my favourite day of the week.  For the past couple of weeks, we have started making a point of having some sort of family outing on the day.

Yesterday we had a little outing to Safari Nursery..  The week before the boy’s had a swim at Zita Park.

Logan - Adventure Junkie wanting more and faster..

WD going safe and steady (which makes for lovely in focus pictures)

The Littlest of the all with his hat

Making a point of taking more pictures together.

Before that we had an outing to Irene Dairy Farm and if my mind serves me well the Sunday before that we spent leisurely strolling through the Unica Market.



Grade R Orientation Day Excitement

Last week Friday Logan had his little Grade R party at the school.  I have to admit I was very excited and normally this mean my expectation won’t be met and the whole experience will be kind of mediocre.  So imagine my surprise when I walked out of the school grounds an hour and a half later and I am positively bouncing up and down with sheer pleasure!

Lets start at the very beginning.

  1. We were given VIP parking, I kid you not, in the school grounds, under cover, with a security guard.
  2.  As soon as we got out of the car there was a pupil who greeted us and offered to escort us to the uniform shop, the school hall and or the meeting place for the Grade Rs
  3. We started at the staff room where we purchased and ordered some Grade R t-shirts.
  4. Here we were given a stationary pack – for free!  (no one said anything about his stationary being included)  How awesome!
  5. Logan was greeted by his teachers and entertained while Kobus and I made our way to the cooler school hall
  6. The event started at exactly the time it was said to start
  7. Instead of telling us all kinds of obituary things, like the importance of marking school stationary and clothing items.  The teachers showed an enormous amount of respect to each other and to their profession.  They showed us, in more than just words that their intentions are to set an amazing foundation for our kids’ education.

It isn’t often that one feel 100% confident in the choices you make.  But I can honestly say I know that I know that this is where Logan is meant to be next year and I cannot wait for him to thrive!

P.S.  As much as I love that the stationary pack was included (and am thankful) I am a bit bummed that I don’t get to go to the shops and purchase the stationary from a long list.  The awe of walking through rows and rows of stationary along with the frustration of not finding the right thing according to what is specified on the paper.  That to me marks the start of big school!

“What does your gut tell you?”

Yesterday Logan and I made our way to his primary school in order for him to be evaluated for Grade 1.  On arrival at the primary school, he was shipped away to the Grade R class and I was asked to stay in the reception area.

While waiting for them, my thoughts kept going back to the conversation I had with the school’s admissions administrator on Monday.  When she arranged the assessment, she added that their Grade R classes were full for 2012 and that Logan would need to go to the school across the road.  I was upset and mentioned that she was the person who told me to enroll him in Grade 1 and if he wasn’t ready that he would automatically be allocated a space in their Grade R class.  She was very apologetic about it and promised to make a plan if we needed the space.  Even after her reassurance, a little part of me was concerned that the evaluation would be compromised because of it.

Half an hour later, the Grade R teacher came to fetch me and I was lead to the Grade R class were the assessment was taking place.  What I am very pleased with was the question that followed:  “What does your gut tell you?”  I was completely honest in my reply and told them that I felt another year in Grade R would benefit Logan.

The teachers continued by discussing Logan’s answers with what they teach their Grade R’s.  They felt that Logan has a lot of potencial, however would like for him to have a stronger foundation.  Some of the examples they gave me where as follow:

  • They introduce concepts such as horizontal, diagonal and vertical in their teaching vocabulary.
  • Left and right is used when teaching them to write – when writing the letter “a” you start on the right hand side top corner.
  • The difference between top and above.
  • Instead of only teaching them the different shapes, they teach them the attributes of the different shapes. E.g. when a diamond is divided in 2, it gives you 2 triangles.
All in all I get the feeling that they are teaching them to think, instead of spoon feeding them the abc’s.
I am very happy to announce the school made a space for Logan in their Grade R class without any hassles.  And we have already received a second acceptance letter!

Little Logan Update

My goodness they grow up quickly!  A couple of things that have stood out in the past couple of weeks are:

  • Logan loves taking pictures and he really has an eye for it.  I have thought of digging up my old camera and allowing Logan to take as many pictures as he want to.
  • One of the first mornings Oliver was home, he walked up to him and greeted him by saying:  “Hello my little Squishy-Head”
  • The big boy has starting running his own bath (so brilliant!)
  • Logan naturally is a very hospitable little boy – he often offers to pour his step-brother juice.  About a month and a half ago he offered to make me a cup of coffee.  I told him the quantities of the different ingredients and he did everything apart from pouring the boiling water.  The last two days, he has made the me coffee from memory and poured the water himself.

*what an absolute bonus considering the fact that coffee is my drink of choice*

I think it is normal for any mother to worry about the older siblings when a baby enters the family.  In all honesty I started worrying a couple of weeks leading up to Oli’s arrival and I can honestly say, he has taken things so well.  Even with Oli being hospital, he completely accommodated what we as a family needed to do.  I am so proud of him!

So why do I still worry about him?  I know I need to give him time to adjust.  I need to give him the space to figure out his new role in the family.

I know all I can do is be here.

A bit about being Five

To my dear Logie-Boy,

In some years from now you will look back and read my thoughts.  My goal is to give you as much information about who you were as five-year old.    

This year is marked with an air of celebration and excitement.  For the past week and a half we have been counting down the sleeps not only to your birthday, but also to your birthday party!  At this moment in time, the party is much more important that the actual day, I even dare say the party is more important than the presents!  Mom being both practical and a little selfish wants your party to be about you and only you – none of the general celebration of today.  So maybe next year I will spare you the wait and do the party before the day :)

You have become very wise in the past year, you have learnt to use the word patient, mainly when it suits you and I can only hope you will treasure the true meaning in your years to come. 

You have opened your heart.  You have learnt to love!  My hearts desire has always been for you to have a father figure that can carry and guide you.  Over the past 10 months, I can honestly say you have learnt to trust Uncle Kobus, as much as you trust me.  Over and above a father figure you have found a brother.  My hopes and dreams are that you will both fulfill the role of brother for each other! 

This year you have agreed to us all getting married.  In your mind it will be a four-way commitment, like I said, kind of wise aren’t you.  You have also decided that it will be a good idea for “us” to have a baby afterwards.  However as much as I would like to leave the naming of the child to you, my fear of having a child named Ody or Garfield is far too great!

You have started drawing words for me, however all I seemed to get are H’s and Ps and an A every now and then.  Your drawings are awesome and you love pre-empting things as follow:  “Mommy, are you so very proud of me?”. 

You have grown very fond of the word hey and at the moment nearly every sentence is followed by the word hey:  “I am your special boy, hey?”                                                           

You are quite amazing when you speak Afrikaans!  Even more so when you speak to the dogs, in Afrikaans because they don’t understand English!  You cried when your fish died, after not feeding them for goodness know how long.  You were committed to posing next to the calf, even when your hiden fears were not hidden so well :)

You are a light in my life and you have sparked a love in me that I was completely unaware of.  You are my special boy and I am so proud to be called your mom!

Happy birthday my Big Boy!



They say kids are adaptable.

I wonder just how adaptable. 

At the beginning of the year Logan attended a school where neither him nor I was happy.  So we took a leap and moved schools.  He is happy now!

Yet at this moment I have a dilemma.  Kobus only gets home in the evenings at 18:00 and if I were to work in Midrand/ Johannesburg, I just won’t be in time to fetch him at school.  We will also soon be moving house and keeping him were he is, is just impossible! 

Our options are as follows:

a.)  It would have been most suited if we could register him in Grade 0/R at Lynnwood Ridge Primary.  Next year will be the first time the school offers Grade 0.  And we will be well along on a waiting list with very little chance of getting a space for him.

b.)  Very cute Prep-Academy across the road from Lynnwood Ridge Primary.  Apart from the fact that the school fees are a lot more than we are paying at the moment and that I will need to pack lunches, they are closed during school holidays.  All school holidays and not just December. 

What I do love about this school is the fact that it is all grown up, or as grown up as a prep-school can be:  They have a uniform (school t-shirt and jeans/ jean-shorts), all things are standard for example the stationary, school outings, swimming lessons are included.  It feels like Logan will be rewarded for being a big boy, instead of me simply taking him out of another school.  Or is that simply a way to make me feel less guilty? 

c.)  A Montessori School that is also located opposite the primary school.  The main difference is that they are open during the school holidays, which is a big bonus!  Unfortunately the school don’t have nearly as many inclusion as the prep-school and the school fees are double what we pay at the moment.  *Excluding meals and drinks*

d.)  School D, is reasonably close to the primary school and their website is pretty cute.  They call themselves a non-profit organisation, English medium and Christian based.  But for some reason they only list a landline number and no one is answering the phone! 

To be completely honest.  I have fallen in love with the Prep-Academy.  I have only ever driven past the school and really need to go and have a look at the rest of the school, but it was like love at first sight!

Unfortunately falling in love and being practical about things isn’t always the same thing. 

Or maybe I should just find more ways in which to justify the way I feel!