big school issues…

What a little poser!

I briefly mentioned that he is being enrolled in primary school for next year and a big chunk of me is sitting in a pile thinking – surely is can’t be time for that just yet.

I had a little chat with his teacher a couple of weeks ago and actually ended up with a bitter taste in my mouth after hearing her professional opinion.  I realize Logan is the youngest in his class and I realize that he may be a bit behind the rest of the kids in his class.  I am very interested to hear where he needs improvement and where I can help!  Along with all this, I am also very open to the idea of keeping him a year behind if this is in his best interest and will have him tested for school readiness towards September / October.

The little chat I had with the teacher was regarding his readiness for Grade 1.  She thinks he may not be ready for school (fare enough).

  1. Her recommendation was for me to see the principle of the school he will be attending next year to explain our “situations“. [ Because naturally his is the only child who was born late December and may not be ready for Grade 1. ]
  2. Furthermore I needed special exemption from either the Department of Education and or an occupational therapist should I now send him to Grade 1 next year.
  3. And that the school would not accept his application the following year, if I didn’t have this exemption.
Naturally all this had my blood boiling to the point that I was ready to throw her with something (preferably something solid that would leave a decent scar – stapler or a brick maybe?), thankfully on the day Kobus was close enough to drag me away and safe the day!

Fortunately Kobus also doesn’t have time for this particular teacher, so he told me not to have it bother me too much and to just phone the school – which I am very glad I did!  Their story is very plain and simple:

  • Enroll him for Grade 1
  • Once we receive confirmation that he has been accepted, have him tested in a school readiness test (which can be conducted at the school – free of charge or with an occupational therapist)
  • And if he isn’t ready for Grade 1, he will automatically be allocated a space in their Grade R class.
I should really mention, right at this point that his actually teacher – the one who has been on maternity leave will be coming back on the 1st of August.  She is worth her salt!  She is good with them.  She was a Grade 1 teacher.
I cannot wait for her return!




“Yes, I am so very proud of you, Logan!”

One of the things that have changed dramatically with Kobus becoming a part of our family is that I have learnt to use my words differently with Logan.  Kobus has a very gentle way about him, he praises easily and he gives Logan “boy-talks” when something is wrong or when Logan is being naughty.  In return, Logan has learnt to comment asking whether “we are so proud of him”. 
About a week and a half ago Logan presented me with a gift.  A hand-made necklace made of clay beads.  Naturally I needed to put this around my neck as soon as I were presented with it and I told him that it is beautiful and that “Yes, I am so very proud of him!”
The very same necklace made a reappearance this morning when Logan though my outfit needed an extra touch.  Fortunately at that moment the necklace was slightly tangled and I said we could untangle it tonight and I would wear it tomorrow.  Logan however was determined and assured me that Uncle Kobus can fix.   
And so Uncle Kobus fixed and I am wearing the clay beaded necklace. 
(and I quite like wearing it)

“I want to stay here”

I’m not 100% sure what I expected to see when I got to Logan’s new school.  What I saw was pretty impressive:

  • Kids in an enclosed play area, lots of them, all playing together.
  • Logan jumping out in the middle of no-where, wide smile on his face and a couple of  “maatjies” all around him saying hello to me. 
  • Teachers (yes plural) knowing my kid’s name and giving me a brief and honest update on how his first day was.
  • Staff saying goodbye to my child when we walked out of the school
  • It is refreshing that you can speak to a staff member and read their name on a name-badge

As we walked out of the school I asked him how his day was.  I received the very male-like answer fine and decided to pursue the matter.  So I asked:  “Do you want to go back to *name of the previous school* or do you want to stay at *name of the new school*” 

His answer was simple.  His excitement levels and enthusiasm was confirmation of his answer.  “I want to stay here”

Naturally I needed to tell him that he cannot stay right now, that we were going home.  But that he could stay at  the new school!  

There is no comparison.  Even on day one, there is no comparison.  I am so happy I have taken him out of the previous school, I am so pleased with the new school and tomorrow night we, Kobus and I, will attend our very first OOV (parent-teacher’s organisation or something like that anyway) meeting!

 So very exciting :)

* Photos taken at Kobus’ place. Probably the first and last photos we will have taken there *