the Beefmaster and Miss Piggy – A Timeline… with twists

Feb 2010:

Joined a dating site, along with a friend.  Never really thinking my Prince Charming could finally actually be looking for me.  At the time I sort of started giving up on the idea of finding someone who would really care for me.  I started chatting with the Beefmaster and found common interests and similar passions very quickly.  After a couple of days of chatting we took the plunge and met for a coffee very many cups of coffee.  One thing lead to another, kind of quickly and we were officially a couple…  With a kid on each side, so more like a family!

April 2010 – I met his parents.

At some point after that – he met my mother

July 2010:   

The beefmaster arranged a magical evening away for two.  He arranged with a friend of mine to babysit my kid (*still to be awarded a name for the blog) and sneaked me to a little getaway spot at Hartebeespoort.  With a picnic basket and a bottle of champagne he proposed to me and I said yes!

We started planning the dream wedding for the 8th of August 2011.


Shortly after starting the wedding arrangements, I was informed that I had been retrenched.  I started the race in search of new employment.  We tested what was a kind of new relationships.  And we did pretty well.


Commuting between Pretoria and Johannesburg.  Need I say more?  I found alternative employment, although it happened to be  in Johannesburg.  This meant a lot of the daily activities regarding my son was left in the very capable hands of the beefmaster.  Again, as little fun these twists are – they make us stronger and more capable.

Because of all the commuting and lack of time and or energy – we decided to postpone the wedding date.  The new date was set for the 1st of October 2011.    

November 2010

For a long time the beefmaster and I thought of the idea of adding to our family of four.  The idea was to document the cycles; to have the factory looked at and to start trying for a baby.  With so many people out there battling to fall pregnant, I was petrified that we would battle for conceive.  

07 February 2011

The gynaecologist confirmed that we are in fact pregnant.  5.5 Days to be exact :)


Pregnant and commuting to Johannesburg with the added bonus that the baby would probably be due in the week leading up to the wedding, if not on the actual planned wedding date.

But as seen with all twists, good comes from them.  First and foremost, from the beginning of May, I will no longer be commuting to Johannesburg.  I managed to find employment in Pretoria – I am thrilled.  Regarding the wedding – Will we get married?  Most definitely.  Will it be in a big white dress – who knows!  And does that really matter?

So there we go – short and sweet, with a lot of detail left out.  But nevermind that, there is still lots of time for detail :)


halves to a whole

In last week I posted a question regarding the single most important person in my life.  Thank you for all your inspiring answers, it is interesting to see what and how people view the question.  Our answer, I will be speaking from my perspective, but this is how we feel:

Kobus and I are one, we are halves to a whole, we are one.  So our answer although simple, is kind of complex.  I chose Logan first and foremost, because Kobus is the other part of me. 

Of course I have no idea how this will work in practise, but it was fun clarifying this in the mind, setting the order straight.  I’m sure my/ our logical will change with the years, probably as we grow older. 

I’m going to highlight some of the answers I found incredible:

My husband was there before my children. He is the one I chose to love and stand with until one of us dies. If he is not the most important person in my life, then I could end up loosing him where when it comes to my children, they will always love me no matter what and I will always love them no matter what.  ~ Blackhuff

If I had to choose right now today – it would be my children because they need me and I would never give them up for David (or anyone) ~ Laura

Your Husband, because regardless of what and how much we do for our kids ( even though they will always love us) they will eventually pack their bags and leave you, but your husband ( leave all things negative) will be there until the day you die.  ~ Tracey

This is always a very difficult question to answer. I’m a mother AND a wife. I love chocolate and chips. Not the one more than the other, just at different times. ~ Melany

This was a lot of fun, if have something to add or you feel like sharing your answer, please feel free to do so :)

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I have a question for you:

Last night at dinner (after a glass of wine or two) I asked Kobus his opinion and we ended coming to our conclusion.  Before posting my thoughts on the matter I thought I would ask your opinion:

Logan is my life, he is the single most important person in my life and has been since the day he was born.  My life mission has been to provide for him, care for him and love him.  I will do anything for that little boy. 

Kobus is my life, he makes me complete.  He is my favourite person in the whole wide world, my best friend and the person I go to when I am excited, scared and angry.  I feel save with him and I trust him with my everything.

Now for the question:

If you needed to prioritized the people closest to you, who would be the most important person?