A growing To-Do-List with value added energy!

This morning I had one to-do on my to-do-list for the day:

– Submit a claim to the medical aid for reimbursement

Seems kind of sad that there was a to-do list with only one item, but when you are pregnant and in may ways still in your first trimester mentality, even the little things seem like effort.  Luckily I’m in my second trimester and things are looking up:

  • I manage to finish reading a book I started 3 weeks ago – that is a long time for a quick read book!  (Saturday)
  • Set up an Twitter account and an email address (see the side bar) for this blog :)
  • Help the Beefmaster on Sunday, by holding sheep heads while he attempts to sheer 6 years worth of wild-wild wool. *
  • Started researching alternative gynaecologist at my preferred hospital.  I managed to find one that my medical aid prefers and I like.  Bonus is he is taking new patience.  Only down side is that he happens to be one of the Beefmaster’s clients.  So we may need to rethink this …  CAREFULLY!
  • Contacted our internet provider in order for them to help me configure the Macbook in order for me to install the needed software so I can safe the precious megs on my 3G.

Okay, so the list isn’t that long.  Only it makes me think of things I can do/ should be doing in order to make the list longer!  And that is great!

* Six years worth of wild-wild wool doesn’t sound too hectic until you try to sheer a sheep.  I thought hiring outside to have this done would be easier.  But the Beefmaster wanted to do it himself.  I will need to keep tract of the next sheer date and fill my calendar very quickly!   Maybe I should document the sheering process?  That could be a hell of a lot more fun?*



A lot has been happening and due to the lack of energy / laziness, I have not updated this blog.   Having said that, I feel like giving you an update now.  In. Bullet. Points.

  • I have made an investment I have wanted to make for years.  The weekend I purchased a Macbook Pro and despite all my excitement, I haven’t played around on it nearly enough.  But the weekend is coming and Saturday morning is book. 
  • I realise the above eliminates all reason for my lack of blogging however I am pregnant and pregnancy
  • I have eleven more days of commuting to Joburg and time is dragging beyond words.  But when my boss sends me emails saying:  ” you will be missed…” I feel very sad and I can *almost* see myself reply:  ” and I will miss..” thankfully that just sounds stupid and breaks the emotional train of though.
  • UNISA has allowed me to only write my exams next semester for the unit I am enrolled for in this semester.  This may come across as silly – but honestly I have endured 3 horribly draining months of first trimester in this semester that is only 3 and a half months old and I have done the basic minimum!  And because I am so dedicated; hardworking and disciplined I will make this work for me, one month old new-born baby and all! 
  • This blog is supposed to be anonymous and like a proper anonymous blog I need more nicknames.  People that still require nicknames includes:  my son; my stepson; my best friend and many more.  But because this blog is a work of art, I will take my time and perfect the nicknames as they come to me…  If you need alternative excuses, please reread bullet point 2. 
  • In the good news, I found a nickname for my best friend’s husband:  Masterchef.  I like it, it relates to the Beefmaster and because they are very good friends, it places them in a category of their own.

 And that is that.