Lost and found

Yesterday I started searching hi and low for the picture of Logan and I as mentioned in this post.  Thankfully at some point in time many moons ago I started a photo blog and randomly posted the photo I had been looking for:


Practicing the pose

I have been looking high and low for a picture of Logan and I when he was a baby.  It is a picture of him and I laying on the couch gazing into the camera.  It is the kind of pose I am trying to duplicate with Oli now, 6 years later.

The photo with Logan is something like this one, however I wouldn’t know just how accurate the picture is until I find it.

I guess Oli and I will keep on practicing until we find it!

Just call me Mrs. Swart…

With so many things happening and so little time and few words.  I often find myself thinking of posts to write and very seldom / ever manage to actually update the blog.  In my very lazy style I will say all I want to say by keeping it simple:

On the 16th of June 2011 we said our wedding vows, with only our boys, parents, siblings and best friends to witness, we committed the rest of our lives to each other.

Notice my Russian Wedding band :)  and my husband’s wedding ring that we nearly didn’t have on time for the actual day!

It feels so odd.  Months and months of hopping from one colour and theme to the next and in the end the colour is decided by one little boy who fell in love with the a black shirt with a striped purple tie.  Perfect.  The idea was to get married in a simple every day grey dress, that was until a certain best friend (who I love with all my heart) decided to draw the line.  I may have felt like a fruit-tart for a moment.  But my husband enjoyed the surprise and the slightly more formal dress does make the photos pleasant to look at.

(Above mentioned friend on the right).  Heavily pregnant with a little feisty girl who had us on our toes a couple of days before the wedding, but luckily waited until 8 days after we said our wedding vows to make the grand appearance.

The day was beyond anything I could have ever imagined!  We spend a lovely afternoon with our closest’s friends and family followed by a lovely evening in the company of each other.

Best part of all is that I now get to call myself Mrs. Swart and I get to spend the rest of my life with my Prince Charming!

Psycho-analysis + Brilliant Ideas = Perfect conclussion

Let me start by saying I am extremely excited about this pregnancy!  I talk, think and breathe this pregnancy and for the most part this has been the main reason for my lack of blogging – people do not want to hear about your pregnancy all-the-time. 

And yet as excited as I am about it, I am a little irritated by the timing!  (Probably still my own fault)   It feels like a little part of me is being bullied out of the white wedding I wanted.  Not that my whole relationship and or marriage  with the Beefmaster is based on the wedding day itself or by the photos they represent, but merely because like most female, I have been dreaming about this day for a while.  In being realistic about all this I can do one of the following:

  1. Get married before the baby arrives – which we have considered, however commuting / lack of resources (time & energy) and the need to assess our opportunity cost (i.e.  spend money on wedding or spend money on baby stuff)
  2. Get married after the baby arrives – means I have to wait waaaaay too long.   And it really means I have to do things differently from how I did it with my first-born which is really contradicting to how I want them done.  In plain English:  I need to do the responsible thing:  have a maintenance agreement in place and register baby in my surname.  Which means lots of admin to fix afterwards..
  3. Get married in a different way – Elope and get married.  Get married in court.  Have a tiny reception on a tight budget.   

[ believe it or not, all that was background information.  Just so you don’t get lost in my train of though ]

As for the psycho-analysis part, I think maybe a tiny part of me, wanted to have this wedding different, let’s call it out of sequence if you will …  I do not have a great relationship with my father.   And even though he would not have been the person who would have walked me down the aisle, a part of me, must be afraid of what he would think if he wasn’t asked to do this.   Or I tiny part of my doesn’t want to include him in my joyful day.  Or fear at the thought of him and my mother being at the same event – leaving the atmosphere completely awkward.    There really is a million different ways I can twist all this around in my head.  Fact remains things aren’t going to happen as nature intended it to happen.  And that is surprisingly okay!  (when I am not feeling a slight irritation, but then I am pregnant – it really is too be expected)

[psycho-analysis over and done]

Firstly to answer the question of how we will get married, it really is simple – we are planning to get married in an elopement, with only ourselves and the kids.  Something simple, elegant and pure.  (Shockingly, it is still in the planning process.)  After the baby is born we will have a more formal celebration with family and friends.  In an environment where we can declare our commitment in front of our families and celebrate life and family! 

Today while reading the millions of wedding related blog posts I am still gathering in my google reader,  I got the brilliant idea.  One of my favourite things about the whole wedding was the excitement.  The save the date cards.  The count down to the date.  The invitations.  Branding the day.  Building the excitement.  The magic that day holds in your heart.  The beauty of showing the love you share as man and woman to the people near your heart. 

This really cleared everything in my heart!  It is easy to translate my wedding excitement to the excitement of the day we will celebrate life, as a family.  With two people who love each other and who declare that they will raise their children in Christian home with Christian values.