the early (and welcome) start to my maternity leave

The doctor booked me off on Monday after our two weekly check up.  He thought it was crazy that I was still at work and if I admit it, I tend to agree with him.  However, there was method in my madness and the main reason why I wanted to take maternity later rather than earlier, apart from wanting to spend as much time with the baby, is because I wanted to share both our little boys first day of school with them in next year.  (sounds complicated and it probably going to be, even from a logistical point of few.  More on that some other day!)

My blood pressure has been slightly, although not dangerously high, most of the past couple of months.  Right about now – 36-37 weeks is however the time it is bound to creep up even higher and judging by the size of my feet, the doctor made a good call!

My oh so lazy days now involve, having my blood pressure taken, loitering around in the baby room and doing the last couple of things I would have crammed into 1 day, had I only started my maternity leave on the 15th of September.  My favourite thing about being at home right now, is fetching Logan from school and having special mommy-and-big-brother time.