Rompers and Babygros

It feels like Oli is growing way too fast.  I look at photos of him from a month ago and I can see noticeably how he has grown and I feel like these baby moments are slipping threw my fingers and there is nothing I can do to freeze the moment.

To me baby clothing means rompers and babygros.


So when I buy clothing for Oliver, I want to buy rompers and babygros.  And that was fine when I needed to buy new born and 0-3 month clothing.  But 3-6 months a whole different kettle of fish, it seems like the shops want to force me to buy shorts and t-shirts.  Cute shorts and t-shirts for that matter and when Logan was little I found them very appealing.  But with Oliver, I want to hold on to the baby moments for as long as I possibly can!  I mean really he is going to be wearing shorts and t-shirts for the rest of his life, why start now?

Am I possibly going crazy and holding on because I know this may well be my last baby or is there a limit on the number of cute and pretty rompers out there for babies?



Sundays are fast becoming my favourite day of the week.  For the past couple of weeks, we have started making a point of having some sort of family outing on the day.

Yesterday we had a little outing to Safari Nursery..  The week before the boy’s had a swim at Zita Park.

Logan - Adventure Junkie wanting more and faster..

WD going safe and steady (which makes for lovely in focus pictures)

The Littlest of the all with his hat

Making a point of taking more pictures together.

Before that we had an outing to Irene Dairy Farm and if my mind serves me well the Sunday before that we spent leisurely strolling through the Unica Market.


Baby steps

Oli had his 6 week check up with the pediatrician today.  The doctor is happy with his overall  development.

According to the doctor all babies have low hemoglobin levels at the age of 2 months – this is normal.  However because of Oliver’s medical history we needed to make sure his levels weren’t dangerously low.  The blood tests shows that Oliver’s hemoglobin levels are low.  Not too low, but low enough to want to keep an eye on things, so the plan is to continue with the iron supplements and examen his blood again in 2 weeks.

Good health for babies, come in baby steps..

P.S.  We have been having fun with Photo Booth :)

Oliver Photo-a-month: 01 Month

Tomorrow marks 6 weeks since Oliver’s birth and we have officially started outgrowing our new born clothing.  My new born baby is officially a baby and not a new born any more.  This makes me sad!

These were taken when he was one month and two days old.

Bird’s eye view:

The last one was an attempt to get Oli to sit in a semi-sit position.

Practicing the pose

I have been looking high and low for a picture of Logan and I when he was a baby.  It is a picture of him and I laying on the couch gazing into the camera.  It is the kind of pose I am trying to duplicate with Oli now, 6 years later.

The photo with Logan is something like this one, however I wouldn’t know just how accurate the picture is until I find it.

I guess Oli and I will keep on practicing until we find it!

OMW time flies…

Some time ago I posted (though of posting) – it is possible that I thought up the post and never actually typed it out.  Anyway I was very inspired by photo a month photos of August, form Making it Lovely’s Blog.

At first I thought of using the same principle of having the number of the month on a felt pin (i would make for Oli).  But after much consideration, I have decided to make a Mickey Ears cut out and painting it with black board paint.  Every month I can write the month on the cut out and hang it from all kind of different angles.

The above is what I mean with Mickey Ear Cut outs.

The monster will be sitting (okay lying for the moment) on his rocking chair.

What Daddy doesn’t know just yet (and is sure to find out when he gets home from work later today) is that we are making the cut out tonight.  And his assistance will be required tomorrow because …

Tomorrow this one:

will be 1 month old!

Not quite how I had planned my day

This morning I woke up in what is becoming my normal zombie like state, thinking my day would entail a simple check up with the pediatrician, blood tests and taking my baby home.  Unfortunately life isn’t simple and the blood test showed that Oliver’s haemoglobin levels were dangerously low once again.

I am thankful that when the doctor told me to phone him on Monday to ask for the results I (a) already knew it takes a maximum of 2 hours for the lab to release the results.  And (b) am impatient enough to want to know sooner rather than later.

The ladies at Lancet already know Oliver by name from his previous hospital stay and when they gave us the blood results they recommended that we walk past the Doctor’s room first.  We knew blood would be given.  We had the feeling the doctor had been expecting this results, however when he saw just how low it was, he was clearly just as shaken as we were.

It has been a long day of waiting and we are still waiting for the blood to arrive.  Tomorrow will mean a little more waiting and hoping and praying that the blood does the trick!

P.S.  I’m really getting to experience a lot this hospital has to offer.  We started with the labour ward 2 weeks before Oli was born, followed by the maternity ward, neo natal ICU and now pediatrics.  Fantastic hospital and I really will recommend it to anyone.  But my honest preference I will be to stop these little visiting experiences.

P.S.S.  Oli’s body is breaking down the Bilirubine and the conjugated Billi very nicely, the levels have dropped so much and we are so thankful!