Lost and found

Yesterday I started searching hi and low for the picture of Logan and I as mentioned in this post.  Thankfully at some point in time many moons ago I started a photo blog and randomly posted the photo I had been looking for:


Practicing the pose

I have been looking high and low for a picture of Logan and I when he was a baby.  It is a picture of him and I laying on the couch gazing into the camera.  It is the kind of pose I am trying to duplicate with Oli now, 6 years later.

The photo with Logan is something like this one, however I wouldn’t know just how accurate the picture is until I find it.

I guess Oli and I will keep on practicing until we find it!

FEEL IT, SEE IT, it is just Kobus and I!

I know today should be all about the start of the long-awaited World Cup Soccer, but I don’t really have anything to say about it.  So I would rather just post some pictures of Kobus and I.  Well the first photos of Kobus and I together (in a photo)

It might not be a historic event of anything, but it is so much better than reading another post of the start of WC!  Am I right or what? 

 Waka Waka, I am out of here!  Have a lovely afternoon and evening and enjoy the opening ceremony and match!

Show your best side

Laura Tagged me in a post in last week.

The challenge is to post 5 photos along with 5 things you like of yourself!

Photo 1:  Pre-Logan and taken in the UK.  This photo marks the start of me becoming who I am today.  This photo was taken by my friend Darren L. Fletcher

Photo 2:  Logan and I round about the time, I started accepting that I am a mother.  (I took the photo)


Photo 3:  Logan took this photo of me in last year, it was a bit of a blur and yet after a bit of editing I find that I quite like it.  It marks a couple of things, but mainly the coming together and coming to terms with who I am, what I have done in the past and what I aspire to do in the future.  

 Photo 4:  The best friend and I realised that we don’t have very many photos of the two of us together, so we made a plan.

Photo 5:  My darling Kobus took this photo of me, at Irene Farm on date 3.  He adore the photo and so I cannot help liking it too… I really need to take some photos of the two of us together :)


Five things I like about me:

  1. I like my eyes, I the colour of it, I like the way it is the first thing you notice when you see me (when I am not hiding behind a pair of glasses)
  2. The smile.  So it is a smile – It looks kind of good when it is in a smile
  3. Curls are fantastic once you have made your peace with them
  4. I like my neck, it has potential.  Well the body has a lot of potential – just need to lose a couple of unwanted’s
  5. My nails

I tag:  Twisty Girl, Rebecca (however she is away in China on a alone-work-trip.  Maybe when she comes back?) Louisa, Jessica and Gina


My Incredibly Special Grandmother (with a Dachshund)

My Aunt sent me some photos of my grandmother.  I love these photos!  I loved my grandmother, I miss her so much, but that you all already know…   I especially love this one with the Dachsie, there are many more.  But I can’t spoil you by posting all of them at once. 

How Elegant!

Well maybe I can! 

I don’t know the other people in the photo below.  It must be family of mine, but I just think the family portrait is pretty.  Any photo with my grandmother in is beautiful to me! 

A Family Portrait

I really like the first two the most.  I already have a photo of my grandparents on their wedding day hanging in my house, but  I think I need to do something with these other photos, they are so special and deserved to be made apart of my daily space.