Specializing in cattle

As if I would be able to wait until the treadmill to discuss anything, let alone my future, my career,my studies, with Kobus.  The bonus was that he phoned me, as I was about to type him an email!  I pretty much listed the specs as follow:

  • Thinking of changing my major from… to …
  • I will keep most of the subjects I have already completed as credits, i.e.  I haven’t wasted the past year and a bit of studies.
  • And the catch, should I say the fact that I would need to enroll for the second semester in 2010.

Very Typical of Kobus, he replied:  “Not a problem, we will discuss it on the treadmill tonight“.  Shortly after saying goodbye is received an email:

From: kobus s
Sent: 07 July 2010 03:19 PM
To: Alet Viljoen
Subject:  Studies

Hello my love!!!

I’m glad you’re still eager to continue your studies.  I will always support you in everything that will improve your and our lives together.  I’ve looked through Andy Rothman’s Agricultural courses again.  I see there are 2 courses I would like to do in September.

*Artificial insemination for Cattle – 13 – 15 Sept

*Pregnancy diagnosis for Cattle – 16 Sept

What do you think?


Naturally you can imagine what I was thinking.  I know I can be a cow, at times (and just for your information, I am the only person allowed to call me that)  but honestly no need for artificial insemination, I would much rather do it manually.  When I am ready.  After we have gotten married – honestly!

Well you know we can practice until then!

P.S.  Kobus is an animal health technician, specializing in cattle.  Go figure!

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"We will discuss it on the treadmill"

About two weeks ago I mentioned a.) going to the gym and b.) weigh-less.  Thank you to everyone’s wonderful feedback saying – “only do what you will manage to stick with”.  The good news is – I followed your advise and did not join Weigh-less, honestly who wants to weigh their food?  I’d much rather drink fat-burners / herbal remedies and eat what my boyfriend gives me to eat!

Last night was my first gym session, according to my gym-instructor, aka Kobus, we will take things slow for the first two weeks and after that he will start pushing me.  Every now and then Kobus would say something like “well done” and “I am so proud of you“.  And it feels good – even though I don’t particularly thing I am doing all that well – lets talk in 6 months time when I still gym full-time and then I will say “I am doing well“.

In other very important news (and also the topic of discussion on the treadmill).  I am thinking of changing my major:  I am currently studying BCom Industrial Psychology, I am thinking of changing to BCom Informatics.  Something I have been thinking of for a while, but only started researching yesterday when coming across a similar degree while playing on Linkedin.

There is a catch however:

  • I was planning on focusing on finances and “skipping” this semester.
  • The last year to register for Informatics is 2010,
  • which means the course will either be discontinued or be changed  –> I do however need to try to find out which of the two it is.
  • So I emailed a friend of a relative, hoping to get some answers
  • did I mention I wanted to focus on finances this semester and only study again in 2011?

Thankfully if worst comes to worse, I will change my major and only take one subject.  Which wouldn’t be too bad.

We are exercising the chest tonight – I will report on that tomorrow!  Wish me luck!

Sometimes it irritates me when what people say is so true, you cannot argue with them…

I just don’t feel like struggling anymore.  I feel like illuminating all things that I make me unhappy.  I feel like focussing on all things pink and fluffy!  And for the most part this is what I have been doing. 

 Unfortunately the fact of the matter is – everything is not pink or fluffy.  

  • Although the boss has assured us numerous times in fact, that we do not have to worry – he is not exactly telling us what kind of salary increases we are getting either. 
  • The maintenance court date is on the 29th of April.  I know I have to follow the procedures, I know that the law is on my side.  I also know that things will pay off eventually.  I just cannot help thinking that the 29th of April is going to be a waste of my time.   
  • My expenses are piling up.  I am managing on a day-to-day basis.  But I am going no-where slowly when it comes to settling debt. 
  • All luxuries have been cut. 

At the moment even UNISA  is a luxury.  They have cancelled my subjects for this semester, because of outstanding fees.  At the moment I feel like giving up.  It doesn’t change my dreams or my goals, but for the moment I feel like I don’t have the resources and I don’t have the aspiration to sort this out just now. 

This of course was when my friend said:  “Why don’t you work out how much money you have invested in UNISA?” 

I am happy at the moment.  I am content in my relationship,  I feel loved like I’ve never felt before.  I feel like I am apart of a family – Logan is blooming, he is confident, he is happy. 

I just don’t want to replace my happy feelings with stressful financial related feelings.  It does however explain a lot of my state of mind when I am not around Kobus.

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