The adventures of a five year old and his bicyskil..

I have to admit that I was ever so slightly worried that my son (at age five) couldn’t ride a bicycle yet.  I was fully aware of the fact that this fears stemmed from the fact that I only learnt to ride a bicycle at tender old age of 12 and that Logan is nothing like his mom.   He is pure adventure junkie.  (Give us strength for when he is older)

About 3 weeks ago when WD came to visit with his bicycle, the pair of them decided to ride down the hill.  I must admit that my nerves were tested a bit – apart from the obvious fact that Logan didn’t know how to ride a bike or use brakes, his brakes were really tight which made it completely impossible for him to use.  Thankfully with a pair of crocs on his feet (RIP dear crocs), he manage to stop quite well!

By the Tuesday after school he was ready to try and place his feet on the peddles and give riding a proper go.  With everything inside of me, I was rooting for him to succeed and when he finally manage to place his feet on the peddle my heart swelled with pride.  His face was absolutely priceless and victory was sweet!

Ever since that moment, my son and his bicyskil (as he would pronounce it) has been inseparable!  Let the adventures begin!



Meeting WD (the boyfriend's kid)

Sunday was the day I finally met Kobus’ son.  I must admit I was nervous.  At first he was very shy and feeling a bit grumpy (from the nap).  We took the boys to Centurion Lake as WD (his boy) wanted to jump on a jumping castle, unfortunately it started raining as we arrived and we lead ourselves to Milky Lane for a sweet treat!   

His Boy (WD)

My Boy

Our Boys

 Afterwards we took the boys home, where all three “boys” starting playing in the mud.  They were building a dam, getting dirty and generally having fun:   

I really like this Photo

My Boys

Little Boys come clean

   After they had their bath, both boys made themselves comfortable on Kobus’ bed and watched Ben10 and Bakugan.  They were comfortable with each other.  Later the afternoon Kobus asked his son if it will be okay for Tannie Alet* and Logan to come with when they go and visit his ouma and oupa.  He agreed that it would be okay.  We had some tickle daddy/uncle Kobus moments.  We had some supper.  We had one tantrum (thankfully from Logan) and WD agreed that he was being naughty!  

As the afternoon came to an end I knew Kobus would need to take him home.  I was looking forwards to some down time, a chance to ask Logan what he thought of WD and a chance to process my thoughts.  Instead the little bugger demanded that Tannie Alet ** and Logan comes with when his dad takes him home!  I was very happy that he wanted us there!  Not so much that I would need to sit through a 45 minute drive one way to go and drop him off at home.  Small sacrifices I suppose :) 

It was a really good thing, we had some lovely chats in the car and he took some great initiative snoring on behalf of Logan, after he fell asleep.  Once we arrived at his home, we said our goodbyes and all I really wanted to do, was to get a good look at the ex-wife!  Naturally meeting her was slightly more than I had bargained on!!  It was only a quick “Oh hi there” from her side.  Which is fine because it adds to the horrible picture I have of her in my mind, she is overweight, looks much older than her years but well looked after (Thanks to my boyfriend who is a softy by nature).  In all honesty, I don’t know her and as long as she doesn’t make my boyfriend life difficult I will leave her be.  Like Kobus say, now the formalities are out-of-the-way.   

All in all, it was good.  Nothing like my worst nightmare and yet I need to keep telling myself that this is not going to feel natural, not for a while at least!  Does anyone have some advise on getting to know the stepkids

* Cringe, cringe at Tannie Alet.  Took me long enough to get use to Aunty Alet or as Logan says Aunty Let. 

 ** Cringe Again:  Note that I manage to spell Tannie with two N’s!!

Enjoying Real Life

Living and enjoying-enjoying real life is something I haven’t experienced in a long time.  It is something so addictive, intoxicating and it is becoming a way of life!  Here are some of the high-lights when it comes to my new favourite adult male person:

  • Kobus has a little boy who just turned 5 years old!
  • He has a male suitor (Dachshund) perfect for my Dixie – he’s dogs (x2) are gorgeous, and the male (Diesel) has the most beautiful character and mannerisms.
  • He says things like we need to take “the boys” fishing, camping, swimming etc…
  • He can hear what Logan says and relates to him on his level
  • When speaking to Logan he uses words like “Boy” and it sounds completely natural
  • He took my son (and I) out for an ice cream on Sunday afternoon, saying that he it is routine Logan will need to get use to for when his son visits him.
  • He then made him a coke float with the left over ice-cream!
  • He told his parents and sister about me before meeting me.  He then showed them my picture after meeting me once.  And he wants to drive me to Klerksdorp to meet the parents (as soon as I am comfortable)
  • He lies on the grass looking at the clouds (going on stars) with me
  • Makes me lots of coffee and is just as addicted to the stuff as I am
  • Jaco –>>  Jacobus –>> Kobus
  • It feels like I have known him for years
  • He remembers the small detail about our conversations
  • He’s touch is soft, he has a gentle soul.  A sincere kindness about him
  • Kobus looks into my eyes, he is mesmerized by my lips.
  • He speaks with his eyes, without saying a word
  • In so many ways he is my opposite