A house is not a home unless it contains food and fire for the mind as well as the body. ~ Benjamin Franklin ~

When we moved house at the end of last year,  the intention was to stay a year.  The plan was to rent for another year and towards the end of this year to start looking for property to buy.  Our needs were pretty simple.  Two bedroom, two bathroom and a double garage.   


Naturally being pregnant changes things quite a bit and as much as I would like to admit, a two bedroom house is not going to be big enough!  We have been very blessed and very lucky – we will be able to afford a bigger place from about July.  This leaves us with tight timing and lots to do:


  • Starting the weekend and continuing over the next week and a bit, both the Beefmaster and I will be at home.  And we have made a decision to utilize the time we have for sorting out/ spring cleaning / starting to box the things we can.
  • Create a list of what is must have’s for the new house and what we are willing to compromise on.  We sort of know this off by heart, but I think writing these down – black on white will make the search a bit easier.
  • Realistically narrow down the areas that we want to stay in.  No point looking at a pretty house because it is pretty, when it is on the other side of Pretoria.**
  • Opt for a house we can grow into, rather than something that will end up being too small in a couple of year, when each boy wants his own room for example. 
  • Practise patience.  We will find something that will be perfect for us.  Keep patience and consistent in our search.
  • The Beefmaster and I both need to pull our weight in search of the house and keep open communication in this search.
  • Plan what we can, prepare where we can.  A nanny/ domestic for us is a biggy!  Our cleaning lady is too old to look after an infant and we have noticed that she is not managing.  So finding a some else suitable, is very important at the moment. 
  • Purchasing all the stuff a baby needs…  This does involve quite a bit of planning, however the plan for now is, to put  money aside instead of purchasing things that needs to be stored until we move. 
  • Timing for the items (cot/ compactum / linen)  made, in order for these to be delivered to the new house.


In my next installment of the house – I think I may share the difference the Beefmaster and I have, when it comes to the new house. 

**  This is more me than the Beefmaster.  However the Beefmaster falls for every sales pitches.  I can see his eyes go all big and wow with what ever bull-shit they tell him.  I on the other hand question everything and know a sales pitch when I hear it!  I do tend to go overboard in search of perfect…  An example will definitely be, when we went in search of a wedding venue.  Poor man!


A growing To-Do-List with value added energy!

This morning I had one to-do on my to-do-list for the day:

– Submit a claim to the medical aid for reimbursement

Seems kind of sad that there was a to-do list with only one item, but when you are pregnant and in may ways still in your first trimester mentality, even the little things seem like effort.  Luckily I’m in my second trimester and things are looking up:

  • I manage to finish reading a book I started 3 weeks ago – that is a long time for a quick read book!  (Saturday)
  • Set up an Twitter account and an email address (see the side bar) for this blog :)
  • Help the Beefmaster on Sunday, by holding sheep heads while he attempts to sheer 6 years worth of wild-wild wool. *
  • Started researching alternative gynaecologist at my preferred hospital.  I managed to find one that my medical aid prefers and I like.  Bonus is he is taking new patience.  Only down side is that he happens to be one of the Beefmaster’s clients.  So we may need to rethink this …  CAREFULLY!
  • Contacted our internet provider in order for them to help me configure the Macbook in order for me to install the needed software so I can safe the precious megs on my 3G.

Okay, so the list isn’t that long.  Only it makes me think of things I can do/ should be doing in order to make the list longer!  And that is great!

* Six years worth of wild-wild wool doesn’t sound too hectic until you try to sheer a sheep.  I thought hiring outside to have this done would be easier.  But the Beefmaster wanted to do it himself.  I will need to keep tract of the next sheer date and fill my calendar very quickly!   Maybe I should document the sheering process?  That could be a hell of a lot more fun?*