Strategic Planning for watching a Season of a tv-show

Kobus and I started watching season one of Grey’s Anatomy last night..  This probably explains why I am feeling tired today!  I find when watching episodes of any kind, you need to have a system.  The steps are as follow:

  1. Calculate how long an episode is.  (Normally 40 minutes per episode)
  2. Determine what time you would like to go to bed.
  3. Now examine the amount of episodes you can fit into the allocated time.
  4. Make provision for toilet and coffee making breaks
  5. Start as early as possible.

Last night we made a couple of mistakes:  Firstly we made pancakes for dinner to celebrate the rain.  What we did not account for the time factor when making pancakes and thus started watching the episodes late.  We also watch the credits come and go after the 3rd and final episode we planned to watch finished and ended up watching another episode.

Oh well, we will probably do the same thing tonight.  And that while I have an early morning start at the farmers marker tomorrow!

All this equals to = a lesson not learnt :)