To Jinx or not to Jinx…

Not to jinx anything, but because I have taken the time to start this post a certain littlest of them all will wake up…

Little Oli has been very restless today with the heat, I eventually put him in the bath and sat with him until he had cooled down as much as anyone can in this heat.

We have a pretty full line-up this week:

  • Tonight is Logan’s school concert, I know I shouldn’t expect too much, but I’m excited.  Last year’s concert was so awesome and nothing will ever compare with what his previous school had manage to pull off with a bunch of kids.  I have asked one of the moms at the party we attended a couple of weeks ago what to expect and her reply was, not too much..  But I can’t help feeling excited for him.
  • Tomorrow we are taking Logan to the primary school where he has been accepted for Grade 1 for the Grade R teacher to evaluate his school readiness.  *Some more on this for another post*
  • Thursday I am writing my second exam for the year.  Which really should translate to, why are you typing a post instead of studying.  Like I said in my opening line of this post, littlests is bound to wake. up. any. minute. now.  And so much more so, as soon as I actually open a study book.
In other news, I manage to take the first of many photo a month pictures.  I just need to work through the millions I took and decide which ones to share :)
And just because I started the post with, “not to jinx anything” I managed to finish without any interruptions.  Guess it is time to open up the books.

Finding new inspiration for studying…

When I started studying in 2008 I was motivated.  I was determined to be different, to show the world that even though I fell pregnant at a very young age, that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to.  I told myself that I needed to work extra hard as a single mom to provide Logan with everything other couples with their planned pregnancies, steady careers and settled lives can provide their babies with.

I was determined to lead by example and teach Logan what it means to work for what you want and how to succeed.

When I wrote my exam this morning, I was thinking of that.  The truth is, this year has been hectic.  It has been an awesome year for us as a family.  But I have neglected my studies this year and that is okay, as long as I can find that spark of motivation again.  The scary part is, I need a new reason to study – the old “show the world single moms rock” isn’t my mission statement any longer.

The real question is, what is the new mission statement when it comes to studying?

A non-baby-related post…

Impossible!  But maybe the bitching session is just what I need!

For some reason UNISA honestly thought closing their call centre will better the communication between them and the general public.  In the perfect world I can really see how this will work, however not even while dreaming at night, in my deepest darkest subconscience is the world perfect.

In the beginning of the year I registered for 3 subjects, shortly after the registration I found out I was pregnant – first trimester + commuting to Joburg on a daily basis = completely useless.  I realized very quickly that my enrollment was a mistake and looked at possible solutions:

Option 1:  Carry on in my lazy ways and fail all 3 modules and waste all monies spend (and not yet spent because I hadn’t purchased any textbooks/ software)

Option 2:  Request special permission to write the needed exams in the second semester, allowing me more time to prepare for the needed exams, by pro-actively working through the said modules.

Option 3:  Getting the above permission and worrying about the rest later – as long as I can sleep when my tried commuted ass arrives home and be miserable while coping with the lovely myth called morning sickness.

Wish I would say I did the sensible thing and chose option 2 instead of option 3, but lets be realistic!  To make a long story short (er), I was allowed to write my exams now (as in a couple of weeks time).  This was followed by a lovely letter from UNISA advising me that I will need to complete a minimum of 4 modules in this year, alternatively I will need to complete additional modules next year to continue my incompetence, lack of educational competence – who remembers wording?  Yet it boils down to doing some “extra work” to get you back on track because obviously you are stupid!

As you can imagine this had me, just a slightly pissed off, but Model A student that I am, I went and enrolled myself for 1 additional module.  Naturally all of this had to happen to me just as UNISA decided to improve disable all forms of communication will students by closing the call centre.

The result is as follow:

After months of communicating with UNISA – via sms and email (okay, okay – 1 sms and 1 email), my enrollment for the additional module was cancelled and my registration was reinstalled for the supplementary exams.

Because of my very pregnant current state and the fact that I am a bit worried about the 3 exams I will be writing in a little over a month, I will let the let the cancellation of the module go.  I am very forgiving and understanding in that way.  However (and I will probably need to go and find a person to scream at – in person) if the make me do the additional-I-am-stupid-modules, all hell will be lose!

P.S.  Now that I have that off my chest, I may return to my books and prepare (like the Model A student I am) for my 3 exams.  Wish me luck!

P.P.S.  Maybe just run to the loo for the millionth time to empty my bladder first.…

A lot has been happening and due to the lack of energy / laziness, I have not updated this blog.   Having said that, I feel like giving you an update now.  In. Bullet. Points.

  • I have made an investment I have wanted to make for years.  The weekend I purchased a Macbook Pro and despite all my excitement, I haven’t played around on it nearly enough.  But the weekend is coming and Saturday morning is book. 
  • I realise the above eliminates all reason for my lack of blogging however I am pregnant and pregnancy
  • I have eleven more days of commuting to Joburg and time is dragging beyond words.  But when my boss sends me emails saying:  ” you will be missed…” I feel very sad and I can *almost* see myself reply:  ” and I will miss..” thankfully that just sounds stupid and breaks the emotional train of though.
  • UNISA has allowed me to only write my exams next semester for the unit I am enrolled for in this semester.  This may come across as silly – but honestly I have endured 3 horribly draining months of first trimester in this semester that is only 3 and a half months old and I have done the basic minimum!  And because I am so dedicated; hardworking and disciplined I will make this work for me, one month old new-born baby and all! 
  • This blog is supposed to be anonymous and like a proper anonymous blog I need more nicknames.  People that still require nicknames includes:  my son; my stepson; my best friend and many more.  But because this blog is a work of art, I will take my time and perfect the nicknames as they come to me…  If you need alternative excuses, please reread bullet point 2. 
  • In the good news, I found a nickname for my best friend’s husband:  Masterchef.  I like it, it relates to the Beefmaster and because they are very good friends, it places them in a category of their own.

 And that is that.

UNISA Change of Exam Venue: Find out NOW!

This morning I submitted my UNISA assignment, because it is due today and I have only just started doing the assignment this week.

***  Need to become more disciplined!  This is my future.  This is what I want to do.***

Personal Pep-talk over.

So, while I was on the UNISA website, I took a look at a couple of other things, namely:

  1. My academic records (they make me feel like I am getting somewhere)
  2. My exam dates, so that I can get some perspective and a cracker up my bum!

Interestingly enough, I noticed that my examination center or venue had changed.  Furthermore and strangely enough, I hadn’t changed it.  Should I say, I didn’t mean to change it!  But before jumping to conclusions I thought I’d phone them up and double-check the details in front of me.

Would you know that my examination center has been changed,  without me knowing about it.  To make things worse, the call-center staff advised that this is a new examination center, but none of the details (LIKE AN ADDRESS) has been loaded on their system.

Naturally I would be furious, if I only found out about this one the day of the exam.  But considering that the exams are in Oct/ Nov and we are only in August, I am fine.  Better yet, I think I may prefer the Heartfelt Area (close to the Voortrekker Monument) to the Pretoria  Show Grounds!


Brick; Fail and a Full Six Weeks:


  • A brick fell on Logan’s finger yesterday at school.  Kobus and I though, a brick fell on his finger and not a brick fell on his finger and cracked the nail-bed.  He still managed to throw a tantrum; refused to eat his vegetables and demand to watch a dvd.  I think he will survive.  (I just don’t want to see the finger)
  • I finally managed to register for my one UNISA subject and I also received my UNISA results from last semester.  One distinction, one pass and one supplementary exam.  NOT ideal, luckily I don’t have to redo the module in its totality :( 
  • I think this may be fate or something trying to keep me in the rhythm of studying.
  • I am however an Informatics Student and not an Industrial Psychology student.
  • I have a secret to share.  I need to wait a bit longer – should I say I have one thing to do before I can share the good news ;)
  • Kobus and I still going to the gym.  He says we are starting slowly and some days I think it may be slowish, other days I’m not sure what it will feel like when he starts pushing me.  We have been going for a week and a half, I’m sure things will get easier as soon as I have experienced the full two-week cycle of our gym routine. 
  • Did I mention that I have a gym routine? 
  • Eating healthy is fun, well-balanced is fine yet the sweet tooth never sleeps!!  
  • We had such a lovely weekend.  I wish I could rewind and have it all over.
  • My best friend and I are planning to start a business. Soon.  More on this soon :)
  • Today it is officially six weeks until my birthday and for the first time in years I am looking forward to this day!

Specializing in cattle

As if I would be able to wait until the treadmill to discuss anything, let alone my future, my career,my studies, with Kobus.  The bonus was that he phoned me, as I was about to type him an email!  I pretty much listed the specs as follow:

  • Thinking of changing my major from… to …
  • I will keep most of the subjects I have already completed as credits, i.e.  I haven’t wasted the past year and a bit of studies.
  • And the catch, should I say the fact that I would need to enroll for the second semester in 2010.

Very Typical of Kobus, he replied:  “Not a problem, we will discuss it on the treadmill tonight“.  Shortly after saying goodbye is received an email:

From: kobus s
Sent: 07 July 2010 03:19 PM
To: Alet Viljoen
Subject:  Studies

Hello my love!!!

I’m glad you’re still eager to continue your studies.  I will always support you in everything that will improve your and our lives together.  I’ve looked through Andy Rothman’s Agricultural courses again.  I see there are 2 courses I would like to do in September.

*Artificial insemination for Cattle – 13 – 15 Sept

*Pregnancy diagnosis for Cattle – 16 Sept

What do you think?


Naturally you can imagine what I was thinking.  I know I can be a cow, at times (and just for your information, I am the only person allowed to call me that)  but honestly no need for artificial insemination, I would much rather do it manually.  When I am ready.  After we have gotten married – honestly!

Well you know we can practice until then!

P.S.  Kobus is an animal health technician, specializing in cattle.  Go figure!

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