It is the little things that brings happiness all around!

Yesterday was a happy day for me, not because of this or that, but because we did the little things that brings happiness all around:

Early morning start at the gym saw us having our first swim for the season.  (yes I know swimming at the gym, doesn’t classify 100%)  It was amazingly enjoyable, extremely refreshing and the bonus was listening to Logan giggling all the way!

After our swim Kobus went to work for a bit *sad face*.  Logan watched a DVD and I cuddled up reading my book.

The afternoon we did homey things, we loaded our three dogs and Logan’s bicycle on the back of the bakkie.  Logan and Kobus sat at the back of the bakkie while I drove us to the Rietondale Park.  Logan rode his bicycle while Kobus and I followed with the three over-excited dogs.   After we walked all around the park Logan played on the jungle gyms and Kobus and I sat on the grass enjoying the moment.

The evening we went to church, something we should try to do more often, it really makes you realize just how blessed we are!

Tell me all the happy things you did the weekend!


What a weekend!

Kobus hardly ever has a whole weekend off, so this weekend when we had the whole weekend to ourselves we made the most of it.  We may even have overdone it a bit:

Saturday Morning we woke up at Sparrow’s fart and dragged our bums to the Farmer’s Market, it has become a little tradition of ours.  A tradition we have skipped for the most part in winter, but summer is nearly here, I can feel it in my bones.

The rest of the day was spent doing some shopping, making a fabulous brunch, a haircut for Kobus and a lovely long afternoon nap in preparation of a 60th birthday party:

The party was in Auckland Park, Joburg and anyone who knows me, knows I am not a fan of driving to Joburg.  We arrived at the venue, slightly late perfectly on time.    We had a lovely time, after I had calmed down –  The food was amazing, the DJ was entertaining with a perfect blend of music to suit a 60th (and the rest of us).  Logan was well-behaved.  What more can a person ask for? 

Maybe a boyfriend who loves dancing?  My boyfriend loves dancing and when I say dancing I mean lang-arm-sokkie-sokkie.  Here is the problem, I should say implications:  I can keep a beat and shake my hips to the rhythm of a song, it is just the lang-arm thing that gets to me.  I have this paranoid feeling that everyone is watching me.  For me this is the truth – if I see a couple dancing really well together I am mesmerised.  I absolutely love it!    So imagine my shock when all of the sudden I am apart of the couple!  Imagine the fear I have, thinking that at some point in time I will lose my footing and fall on my face and HAVE EVERYONE LOOKING AT ME!!

At least I know Kobus won’t let me fall, will try not to let me fall.  I didn’t fall and I really really enjoyed it :P

Driving back to Pretoria was the last challenge for the day, it involved a miss calculated turn to Roodepoort and another to Krugersdorp.  A 45 minute journey that took 2 hours!

I would love to tell you what Sunday involved, that might need to go for another post – Yip that is how busy we were the weekend!  How was your weekend?

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Sundays and productivity (or not so much)

I wrote my last exam on Friday afternoon, for the past two weeks all I have wanted to do was implement the changes we are planning to make to the house of many colours and all kinds of other productive things.

Yet after the exam I find myself with very little energy to do the things I was burning to do a week ago.  It is frustrating!

On the bright side I have manage to pick up “My sister’s keeper” and started reading it again.

Happy Sunday, may it be a lovely day spent with family and friends, I know that is what I will be doing  :)